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Chapter 1: Waking the Doll's House

You will be given control of the character as he regains consciousness. Move towards the door and pull it open. Keep moving forward, turn right and go through the second door to your left.

Reach the top of the stairs and get to the end of the corridor.

Pull the string of the attic door and go up the staircase.

Move around the corner to your right to find your trusty, limitless source of light: The lantern. (Press F by default to toggle it on and off).

Continue moving forth and then to your left you'll see a big, heavy box. Grab it and pull it back with your movement keys.

You are now able to go through a small gap on the wooden wall. As you make your way forward, you'll see a box blocking your path. Push it forwards but be careful not to do it all the way, or you won't be able to fit through.

As you come out of the opening, turn left and as you go along the corridor, to your right you'll see a staircase leading downwards.

At the bottom you'll find a phonograph standing over a small table, one of eight scattered throughout the game.

You should hear a piano playing. Walk towards it and watch the earth shake.

Now enter the door to the right of the piano, continue walking along the corridor and into the room at the end.

You'll hear a phone ring; answer it. When it finishes, look for three rifles mounted on a wall near the desk.

Pull the last rifle (top to bottom) upwards.

A secret door will open around the corner.

Go in and follow the path until you find a wooden lever on the wall. Pull it to reveal an exit at the end of the corridor.

Move along and click on the glowing door to access the next area.

Chapter 2: In Lily's Honour, a Banquet

Move ahead and down the staircase to the left and then into the area on the right.

There will be another phonograph on the billiards table.

Proceed through the right door.

As make your way along, answer the ringing phone.

When it's done, go back to the previous room and into the other door.

The door straight ahead is locked, ignore it and go into the door to the right of it.

You'll see a painting, open it and pull the lever behind it.

A secret path will open to your left, follow it and you'll encounter a valve; turn it clockwise.

Now go back to the corridor and through the door on the left that leads outside.

Go along to the other side and into the door there. You come into a trophy room.

In this room, go to the trophy of the bear to the right and notice that you can move it to the right wall and it will reveal another secret passage.

When you go in you'll see another valve. Do the same as before.

Go back out to the trophy room then proceed to head out the open way in front and you'll come to a large dining room.

Then, go in through the door on the right, where the phone was.

Head out the door opposite to the phone that leads outside and finally through the door at the end.

Keep moving straight through the catwalk and follow the path.

Pull the door open then go to the front of the truck and down the staircase to its right.

As you go down the other staircase ahead, a pipe will fall onto it making it collapse, putting you unconscious.

Chapter 3: Against the Rising Waters

When you're awake, go into the door in front of the collapsed stairs.

Make your way forward, there'll be another phone ringing, answer it and keep going.

You should come into a machine with a broken fuse.

Enter the room to your right and go to the end to find a wheel, turn it clockwise so that you can see a wood frame incline onto the ground in the area ahead.

You will also find a new fuse on one of the box crates.

Go back to the machine, replace the fuses and push the lever to switch it on.

Go back to the area behind you and make a left, through the open gate.

Go beneath the wooden frame and pull the handle on the wall.

Barrels will roll down and you'll be able to go up.

To your right there's another machine, this one with a working fuse, so just push the lever.

Back track down until you find a gate that was previously closed and go through.

Keep following the path to find another machine at the end of the catwalk with a broken fuse.

Go to the room where you found the first fuse, grab another one and make your way back to the machine.

Replace the fuses and push the lever then keep going along the path beyond the gate that just opened behind you.

You'll come into a phonograph and a large vault door. Turn the wheel counter-clockwise to open the door and go in.

Push the lever forward.

Pull the front lever down.

Wait until the steam is gone, then turn the right wheel to open the right door.

Finally, pull the lever on the back.

Go on through and open the door at the end of the way to access the next area.

Chapter 4: The Collar, The Neck, The Noose

You'll receive another phone call, pick it up and then enter the area to the left.

From there, take the door on the left, and then left once again.

You'll see a cart full of dead pigs.

Go through the door to the right of the cart.

Proceed into the room on the left.

Climb the boxes and go out the window.

Pull the box away from the door so you can open it. It'll be useful later.

Keep walking down the street.

Open the doors and go inside.

To the left there's a fuel canister inside an elevator. Grab it then go back to the where the cart with pigs was.

Put the canister in the fuel pumping station and turn the valve until the can fills up.

Get the can, run down the street and plug the fuel can in the side of the truck.

Turn the crank at the front of the truck.

The truck will move, enabling you to enter the church's yard.

Down the stairs and into the church.

Chapter 5: Livestock and Bibles

Walk along the corridor and into the left door.

Up the stairs, you'll come into a phonograph. When it's done, go in the area with two doors, on the left.

Take the right door.

Make your way to the altar.


Behind the altar you'll notice there's a missing candle.

Go back the way you came from and take the door to the right.

Grab the candle from the shelf then return to the altar area.

Plug the candle in its place and turn them both.

Enter the furnace room to the left.

Pull the lever, then back to the altar.

Go down and follow the revealed path.

At the end, take a right when you reach the cage.

Down the stairs, you'll have to follow the pigman.

The monster is patrolling the area ahead. Crouching and lantern off is recommended.

Wait for him to pass then keep moving ahead.

Take the door at then end and be free. For now.

Chapter 6: And so to The Stoking

Open the door and push the crate out of your way.

Enter the factory.

There's a phonograph to the right. When it's done, go down the stairs in the middle.

Follow the path and take the stairs up.

You'll receive another phone call. Answer it then go back down.

Now take the stairs down, to the right of the previous.

Crouch through the gate.

To the right there'll be and open furnace. Close it and push the button.

Enter the piston control room.

Slide the doors to furnace 3, on the left.

The furnace will need at least 2 chunks of coal to work. Close the door and press the button.

Enter the room where furnaces 5 and 6 are.

Grab a chunk of coal from near furnace 5, on the left side.

Take it to furnace 6 on the right and throw it in. Grab the other chunk of coal near the furnace, put it in, close the door and push the button.

Back track to the previous room and push the three levers in the middle.

Back to the room with furnaces 5 and 6, crouch through the partially open gate and get to the bottom of the stairs.

The pigman is in this area so best switch off your lantern now and crouch.

Stick to the right side wall of this area and move ahead.

You'll eventually reach a narrow corridor. There'll be a pigman waiting at the end.

Hide in the dark corner to your right, between the barrels.

Wait for him to pass then move ahead.

Jump down into the coal pile.

Follow the conveyor belt to the left.

You'll find a small elevator. Slide the door open, get in and press the button.

Chapter 7: In the Nest of Eggs

Out the elevator, you'll get another phone call.

Go down the stairs.

You'll get to a centrifuge room with two corridors. Take the one on the left.

At the end of it there's a barrel. Pull the lever and a canister will come out.

Take the canister.

Put the canister in the tube and pull the lever.

Run back to the centrifuge room.

Go into the other corridor.

Make your way to the other end of the holding pens and through the door.

You'll notice a locked door at the top of the stairs.

Continue walking to the right, turn around and the door will suddenly open. Go through it.

You'll encounter a pigman waiting ahead. Try running past him until you get to the stairs. He won't follow you there.

Answer the phone ringing next to the elevator.

Go up the stairs to your right.

Grab one of the canisters, put it in the tube and pull the lever.

Follow the path to your left.

You'll end up at the top of the stairs you went through previously.

Walk along the catwalk and keep going ahead.

You'll end up in the centrifuge room. Grab the canisters from the tubes and put them in the small containers of the centrifuge.

Once you put the canisters, press the button near the centrifuge.

Grab the canister containing the resulting substance.

Go upstairs and in the room on the left, touch the lock on the gate with the canister. The lock will disintegrate and you'll be able to go through.

Keep moving ahead.

Drop down to access the next area.

Chapter 8: This Leaking World

Proceed to the left.

Continue into the narrow tunnels.

Turn right where the path divides and follow it.

Turn the valve so the light comes on.

You'll get a call in the phone behind you.

Go into the tunnels again and take a left.

Turn left again and you'll se a new passsageway has opened. Go through it.

Keep on walking forwards, sticking to the right side wall.

Go across the catwalk to the left then go left again at the end.

Up the steps and to the left.

Take a right, then left inside the tunnel.

Turn the valve, the light will come on, just as before.

Now retrace your steps and take a right outside the tunnel.

You'll find a vault door. Turn the valve to open it.

Go inside and push the lever.

Turn the left valve until the door closes.

Pull the lever in front and wait until the steam goes away.

Turn the valve on the left to open the next door.

Pull the lever behind you and continue going forth.

You'll run into some sort of pigmen holding cells.

Proceed through the last door on the left.

Through the door at the end.

Then out the door on the left and down the ladder.

Keep going down and down through the ducts. Doesn't matter if you choose left or right, you'll end up in the same location.

Finally, through the glowing door.

Chapter 9: From Tide to Spine

Down the way you'll find a phonograph. When you're ready, go ahead and keep following the path. It's a pretty linear area.

Up the first ladder.

After you've come down from the second ladder, take a right on the catwalk.

Up the third ladder.

Into the auxiliary pump controls.

Turn the valve at the end of the room.

Go back down the ladder.

Go to the right, into the previously closed area, across the catwalk.

Take a right here.

The catwalk will collapse, making you fall in the water filled with monsters. Turn right and keep running while sticking to the right railing.

Quickly up the ladder.

To the left, up the short staircase.

Enter the main pump controls.

You'll see a gear on the floor. Pick it up and put it inside the pump in front of you.

The other missing gear will be to your right. Pick it up and plug it in the pump.

Now turn the valve next to where the second gear was.

Go back down the ladder. You'll notice the water has been drained, so it's safe.

Keep going through the catwalk and you'll reach another vault door. Turn the valve to open it.

Push the lever behind, turn the left wheel, pull the front lever, turn the right wheel, pull the lever behind and continue.

Through the glowing door.

Chapter 10: The Children, Dancing

Open the gate.

Into the narrow corridor.

Take a right when you see the sign.

Go all the way down the steps.

Get in the elevator and pull the switch down.

Enjoy the ominous music.

When you reach the bottom, enter the rod control room to the right.

You'll come into the last phonograph.

When you're done listening, turn around to see a panel full of switches. Flip all of them to the left, but you'll notice that switch 3 won't move.

Go around the left corner, down the ladder, make your way to the bottom.

Open the hatch, then go back upstairs to the panel.

You can now flip the switch and all the rods will be in place.

Go back to the catwalk where the elevator is and take the stairs up.

Enter the room and push the lever with the green light.

Wait until the red light of the other lever turns green, then push it.


Chapter 11: Mandus, Saboteur

Go around the right corner and go through the doors.

Go up the ladder.

You'll find some controls which you have to sabotage.

Pull the fuses out of the machines.

Pull down the lever behind you.

Go back, and through the area to left of the ladder.

Down the second ladder.

Crouch and make your way through the machines.

Walk down the alley of pig masks.

After fainting, you'll wake up in a room full of machinery.

Pull the pipe out.

In the middle of the room there's a ladder that you can't climb quite yet. Take note of its location.

Go down the catwalk opposite to the ladder.

Pull the second pipe out.

Turn left and then left again on the second corner.

At the end you'll see a glass panel containing steam.

Grab one of the gears and slam it against the wall to break it.

Now run to the ladder in the middle. Take the path on the right.

Breathe easy.

Go and follow the right duct.

You may get hurt along the way. Don't worry, it's normal.

Get in the elevator and pull the switch.

Chapter 12: Anything to Save Them

Get out of the elevator and go through the right.

Walk down the street and turn left when you see the truck.

Go across the shacks in the yards.

Turn left when you're out of the second shack and move ahead.

Go in through the opening, behind the cage, and keep moving along.

There'll be a small opening at the end. Crouch through it, then turn right and up the stairs.

Follow the catwalk and open the door.

You'll have to run all the way down Dorset street. A pigman will start chasing you. Don't stop and don't look back.

You'll be knocked down but a gate will close behind you, blocking the monster's path.

Keep moving forward until you reach the elevator.

Pull down the switch to enter the next area.

Chapter 13: Farming the World

Open the door and go to your right.

Go through the door at the other side of the stairs.

Press the button to open the vault door.

Go right or left, you'll end up at the bottom of some stairs, go up and move along.

You'll enter a room with some rather large cylinders. Push the one to the very left down into the spinning gears to stop them.

Go back to where you open the first vault door, climb the ladder next to it.

Grab the spotlight and point it to the glass container in the middle.

Proceed to the right to find a pigman killed by electrocution. Jump down onto the crates.

Run and jump to the staircase.

Flip the switches to their opposite direction.

Turn the crank so the light becomes red.

Do the same with this panel as you did with the previous.

Turn around and go into the tunnels.

Go all the way to the end and into the tripery.

Go down the ladder.

Walk along the corridor and turn left.

You'll meet your children at the end.

Keep moving forward.

Get in the elevator in the middle and pull the switch.

Chapter 14: The Veil Lifts, the Bride is Waiting

Open the gate and follow the way to your left.

Through the door then the next one to the left.

Take a right here and keep moving along.

Get to the end and go down the ladder.

Once at the bottom, go around the left corner and open the gate.

Go in through the maintenance access and take the door on the right.

Take a right again a through the automatic door.

Walk towards the machine to the left and push the lever forward.

The Tesla pig will make its entrance. He can go invisible but you can track him down by hearing his footsteps.

You'll have to go activate the machine on the opposite side of where the previous one was. Do it as fast as you can and you'll be fine.

When you push the lever, the pigman will go away. Continue through the door to the right of the second machine.

Go in through the gate on the left.

Reach the end of the hallway and go into the south tower.

Chapter 15: Mandus Descending amongst The Spirits

Open the door and move along the way.

Up the ladder.

And up the second ladder.

Into the south tower.

Follow the way to your left.

Open the door and go in.

You'll be warped into a completely different room, with a Tesla pig waiting ahead.

Lure him into one side then quickly go through the other to avoid him.

Remember to use your ears.

When you reach the end you'll be warped back. Look for the ladder to your left and go up.

Upstairs you'll find four glass devices. Touch all of them then go back down.

Make your way to the middle of the room.

Chapter 16: Enoch, Edwin, Oswald and I

Turn around and go along the catwalk.

Reach the other end of the conveyor belt.

Through the vault doors.

Get to the top of the pyramid.

You'll sit down in a strange chair. Push the button and watch the rest of the game's ending.