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Mission 1 - Semper Fi

First thing you do is right after Sgt. Sullivan hands you your pistol pickup the rifle leaning against a box to your right. Press X to pickup the rifle. Walk around the box where you picked up the rifle.

As soon as you walk around the box the main buildings in the village will blow up.

To the left theres a boat dock that leads up towards the blown up village. Follow the dock. You can sprint by pressing down the "left analog".

Heading across the dock you will come into some enemy gunfire. Clear the enemys. You can crouch behind things by pressing "B".

Head down towards the beach straight ahead to another dock that leads up to the next building.

When you come up to the building an enemy on fire will attack Pvt. Ryan. Shoot the enemy off of him.

Follow the docks to you come to another building which you can go left or right... Go left around the building.

There will be stairs that lead down to land. To the North on your radar theres a gunner in a building, take him out before he takes you out!

The beach will be flooded with enemys. BEWARE!

Follow your squad out of the town and into the jungle.

Your squad will stop. A Member of your squad will go check out the situation to get himself stuck in a trap. At the same time your squad will get in another battle against enemy forces. Win the battle then continue to follow your squad.

You will head up a hill on the downside of the hill there will be a enemy spotlight in a tower to the left of your screen make sure to take him out first to eliminate the risk of losing members of your squad.

Now with the spotlight out take down the rest of the enemy forces. After clearing out the enemys head to the river to meet with the secondary squad.

After you meet with the secondary squad they will start to head up river. Follow them.

You will come up to a clearing where theres enemys dead on the ground.

There will be a flare that blinds you and your squad will be ambushed all the enemys will get up and attack your squad. Clear the enemys.

Continue with your squad up the trail to the left.

Following your squad you will end up entering a camp of enemys.

As soon as you enter the camp there will be a truck in the street run up to the back of the truck.

Stab a hole in the tank in the back of the truck by pressing and holding X behind the truck.

After cutting a hole in the tank gasoline will pour out and the truck will roll down the hill. Sgt. Sullivan will light the trail of gas on fire and eventually make the truck blow up.

Follow the burning trail till you get into the camp.

Go to the left and head down to the bunker to plant explosives in the enemy ammo bunker.

Cpl. Roebuck will open the door to the bunker.

Once inside the bunker go to the right and press and hold X to plant the explosives.

After planting the explosives head right back out of the bunker and head straight out of the bunker straight to the river.

As soon as you make it to the river on the boat the camp bunker and buildings will all explode.

Mission 2 - Little Resistance

First thing you wanna do is call an air strike on the enemy forces to the South East by pressing "Right Trigger" and and the right button on the "d pad"

As soon as the air attack takes place head to the south east, following your squad and push through the enemy defenses.

When your following your squad watch out for enemy fire coming from bunkers. Take them out before they take you out!

If you wait long enough a squad member will use a flame thrower and torch the bunkers.

Continue through enemy forces with your squad...

Once you get through the main forces you will turn left towards more enemy fire.

You will come up to a split where u can go left or right.. Go right will take you through a bunker...

Continue through the bunker to the next opening... to the right in the opening watchout for the enemys in the top of the trees...

When you get closer to the trees more enemys will jump out from hiding in the grass in front of you.

Continue through the grass to the west and head into the bunker to the right.

Inside the bunker there is a trench gun if you prefer to have it instead of your pistol... its a close range weapon.

Head back out of the bunker go to the right and meet up with your squad.

Gain entrance to the Jap Bunker.

Once in the bunker head to the left.

Once out of the bunker head to the right... take out the gunners in the bunkers...

Go inside the bunker the door is below the windows where the gunners are.

Go up the ladder inside the bunker to the second story.

Clear the bunker of enemys.

Call in rocket strikes on the 2 enemy tanks.

Eliminate all enemys in the mortar pit.

Regroup with your squad in the next room of the bunker.

Mission 3 - Hard Landing

Follow your squad to the crash site.

At the crash site beware of the ambush. enemys will come out of the trees to attack your squad.

Continue up river where you will run into more enemys.

Continue to follow your squad into an enemy camp.

Head into the camp and assault all enemy bunkers.

Slowly make way towards the first bunker eliminating all enemys on the way.

Kill all enemy threat in the bunker.

Make your way through the bunker and meet with your squad on the far side of the bunker.

Continue to work with your squad through the camp eliminating enemys as you go.

Lay suppressing fire on the bunker. To help squad members get closer to the bunker.

If your squad member with the flame thrower gets hit from an enemy in the bunker you must go pick up the flamethrower and get to the bunker to burn out the enemys.

Retrieve the Flamethrower.

Burn the bunker.

Head west from the bunker and advance towards the airfield. Go through the building

Head out of the building towards the airfield.

Follow the road.

Watch for enemy attacks in the trees and in the grass.

Continue towards the airfield just over the hill you will come to a building. Clear the building.

(tip: I found that it was easier to access the building by throwing smoke grenades on the far right side of the building and then running to get a little closer to the action.)

Then access the building on the right side.

Work your way across the bottem story clearing all enemys on the first floor.

Head threw the doorway on the other side of the bottem floor in the building.

Right when you walk into the doorway if you go right you will find a death card.

Head up the stairs.

Clear all enemys on the second story.

Follow your squad right out of the building to the airfield.

Head out to the airfield eliminating all enemy threat.

Stay with your squad they will lead you in the right direction.

Your squad will take you to a bunker.

In the bunker you will find a Rocket Launcher. Pick it up.

Destroy the three enemy tanks. You can find more ammo for the bazooka in bunkers.

Its easy to spot enemy tanks by using your radar there red and have a star emblem on them meaning objective.

Head towards the enemy buildings. Kill enemys on the way there.

Meet with your squad by the entrance of the building.

Go to the right and work your way through enemy forces.

Take out the 4 AA crews and secure the bunker.

Defend against counterattack.

Watch for the truck. Shoot it and blow it up before the enemys can get out of it.

Get on the Triple 25 AA gun and take out the enemy tanks.

A friendly airstrike will come and finish off all remaining enemys.

Mission 4 - Vendetta

Crawl towards Sgt. Reznov.

Follow him to the first snipe point.

Pick up the Sniper Rifle.

Sgt. Reznov will give you ammo to reload the riffle.

Eliminate all Germans in the street. Make sure you take them out while planes are flying overhead to keep your stealth.

There is 6 total Germans at the first location.

After clearing all the Germans dogs will come chase you. Stab the dogs to stop them.

Follow Sgt. Reznov.

He will lead you into a building.

Continue to follow him through the building.

Follow him out of the building.

He will lead you into another building.

Follow him up stairs.

Defeat the enemy sniper in the building across from you.

Click left analog to hold your breath and steady in on the sniper... The sniper does move around in the building and is kinda tricky to get.

Turn around and keep following Sgt. Reznov through the building. If you lose him right as you walk into the next room go to the left and head down the stairs.

Sgt. Reznov will be at the bottem of the stairs.

Keep following Sgt. Reznov.

The Germans will light the building your in on fire get down to the prone position and crawl. Keep following Reznov.

Get up and follow him through the blazing building.

Continue to chase him up stairs in the flaming building.

Jump out of the burning building.

As soon as you jump out of the building some friendlys will come meet up with you.

Continue to follow Sgt. Reznov up the ladder and support your conrads with sniper support.

Once up the ladder follow Sgt. Reznov into the building.

Spot and locate enemys on Sgt. Reznov cue snipe enemys.

Look in the outlying buildings for enemy snipers.

Take out the machine gunner in the building aswell.

Take out 4 guys on the roof to your left.

Continue to follow Reznov to the next snipeing location.

Heading to the next snipe spot you will come to some enemy gunfire on the building tops.

After clearing the enemys on the rooftop make your way into the next room.

Snipe the machine Gunner in the back of the armored truck. Also take out any other enemys on the ground you can find.

In the top window of the building there will be another machine gun.

Guys on the top story to the left as well.

Continue to the right and follow Reznov.

Go down the stairs and through the hole in the wall.

Make your way through the doorway

Go through another hole in the wall then go to the left. Sgt. Reznov will be running there you can use him as a guide to follow.

Snipe enemy forces in the courtyard.

Kill General Amsel. He comes out of the building where the two nazi flags are hanging.

In the screen shot below hes to the right of the crosshair.

If you wait to long to kill him he will get in a vehichle and hide.. Which then you must shoot the driver so the truck stops. He will then get out and give you an open shot to kill him.

Next turn around and follow Sgt. Reznov to the next room.

Follow him up stairs.

Reznov will take you to the window jump out the window.

Mission 5 - Their Land Their Blood

Head outside of the building your in.

Run around the fence to the right.

If you want to the left in the field you can throw molotov grenades and contribute to the flaming field.

Head to the right towards the barrels in the picture below.

Follow your squad you will come to a clearing. Go to the left.

You will come up to a camp, Break through the German forces.

Head through the bunker and work your way through enemys. They will be hiding in the hills.

Continue to make your way up the hill

You will come up to a wall... follow it to the right... there is alot of enemys on the other side of the wall take them out.

Get to a good place where you can attack the enemys by the bridge... when you clear all the enemys advance towards the bridge.

Go under the bridge.

Continue to follow the path killing any enemys you come acrossed.

Head up to the house to the left and pick up the rocket launcher thats highlighted yellow.

Destroy the 4 enemy tanks. There easy to find on your radar there labeled with a star.

Theres ammo in the house if jump through the window.

You can walk through the house and out the door to the right to get back outside.

Look to the right take out the enemy tank.

Head up the hill towards the house.

The final enemy tank is on the far side of the house... you can walk through the house and take out the tank through the window in the house.

Jump out the window and head up to the barn entrance.

When you get to the barn. Another enemy tank will break out of the entrance to the barn. take it out.

Meet with Reznov in the barn.

Advance up the road with Reznov follow the tanks.

Enter the German camp.

Stay with Reznov and stay to the right. Clear the camp.

Stay with Reznov and continue through the German camp.

Continue to work through the camp. Enemy tanks will come aswell...

Follow Reznov up the road to the right.

Eliminate Fleeing Germans.

Mission 6 - Burn em out

Eliminate the Three mortar crews.

Follow Sgt. Roebuck. When he stops, look to the right if you look above the bunker you will see an enemy gunner.

Throw a smoke grenade towards the enemy gunner to distract him and let your squad make safe passage.

After throwing the smoke grenade continue your way through the bunker.

Once you go around the corner to the left you will come into enemy gunfire. Work your way straight through the enemys and into the first mortar pit.

Watch for enemys standing on top of the bunkers.

Be carefull when you get close to the mortar pit enemys will charge you and attempt to stab you.

Once in the bunker use your flamethrower to clear the enemys in the area. Its very easy to clear the area with the flamethrower.

In the Mortar pit theres a small room in the back. Clear all enemys inside the room.

Once the first mortar pit is clear head back out the way you came in.

Once out of the first mortar pit the bunkers continue to the left.

Continue with your squad through the bunkers clearing all enemys and working your way to the second mortar pit.

Becareful. When you walk under the foot bridge right around the corner to the left is an enemy gunner.

To the right of the gunner the bunkers continue there will be more enemys shooting from behind barrels at you.

Look up! Watch out for enemys hiding up in the trees!

Continue on threw the bunkers go around the corner to the right. There will be more enemys standing above the bunkers shooting at you.

Clear the enemys and continue through the bunkers.

Once you clear the enemys head into the bunker straight ahead.

Beware as soon as you enter the bunker an enemy will come rushing towards you.

As soon as the bunker is clear head up the hill.

At the top of the hill is the entrance to the second mortar pit.

Clear the pit.

In the pit, to the left is an opening to continue through the bunkers.

Continue to work through the enemys through the bunkers. Watch for enemys in the trees and on top of the bunkers.

Go around the corner to the left and keep working through the bunkers.

When you make the next corner to the right theres a ton of enemys and another enemy bunker entrance directly around the corner on the right. Flamethrower makes it easy to clear the bunker.

Clear the bunker.

Head out of the bunker to the right and continue.

Around the corner to the right is another bunker entrance. Clear the enemys coming out of the bunker. Then head into the bunker.

Once you get close you will realize theres two bunkers, Clear the one on the left first. When it is cleared head to the bunker on the right.

As soon as you enter the second bunker you will head down a long hallway. at the end you will go through a gate. as soon as you turn the corner there will be alot of enemys to work through.

When you turn the corner also watch for enemys firing on you from above the bunker in the hole.

After clearing the enemys in the opening. Continue through the bunker.

You will exit the bunker straight into the last mortar pit. Clear the mortar pit.

Regroup with your squad in the back of the mortar pit.

Mission 7 - Relentless

Objective is to clear out the two anti tank positions.

Head up the river clearing enemys as you go.

The paths split where you can go right on land or left and follow the river. Stay to the left.

Continue up the river. Watch for enemys on the left up in the bushes.

Once you get to the top of the hill to the right is the first anti tank position. Clear all enemys in the area.

After clearing the first position continue to the Southeast towards the second anti tank position.

In the bunker leaning against the wall is a sniper. I picked it up as my secondary weapon its good to have. Theres alot of enemys that are far away and you can use it alot for the rest of the mission.

With the sniper kill all enemys in the clearings and bunkers.

After killing all enemys in the clearing. Stay to the left by the bunkers and continue to the southeast. Slowly work your way through enemy fire.

The second anti tank position is by the hut. Clear all enemys.

Regroup with your squad in the anti tank position. By the hut.

When regrouped then follow your squad up the trail.

When you come to the clearing, head to the left towards the friendly tank.

Get behind the tank and use it for cover. Kill any enemys you can while folling the tank.

When the tank stops. Look to the left side of the tank. You will see an entrance to the caves. Head towards the entrance and watch for enemys exiting the caves.

Work your way through the caves clearing all enemys.

You will come to a clearing. Stay to the left. Clear all enemys then continue through the caves.

Throw smoke grenades into the Artillery Room. Slowly access the clearing and kill all enemys.

When you finish clearing the room regroup with your squad.

Mission 8 - Blood and Iron

Neutralize all 4 enemy artillery

Follow the road. Take out enemy tanks as you spot them down the road.

Use your radar and look towards the stars. There labeled for the enemy artillerys.

Take out the first artillery. Its to the left of the road.

Turn to the left and head in front of the burning house. Watch out for enemy ground troops with rocket launchers.

Continue to follow the road. There will be a tank on the right in a field. And the second Artillery will be to the left of the road on a hill.

Continue to follow the road. You can run right over the fence to get around the truck.

As soon as you go around the truck to the left on the road will be another enemy tank.

To the right in the field there will a bunch of enemy tanks. Take them all out.

After taking all the tanks out in the field use your radar and head towards the star and take out the third artillery.

Take our the final artillery.

After takeing out the last artillery head north down to the road. Then west along the road to the radio tower.

Heading down the road you will run into two enemy tanks. Take them out.

Destroy the Radio tower. Then continue to follow the road.

Watch for tanks gaurding the radio tower.

Follow the star on the radar and rejoin with the main Russian Army.

On the way to the Russian Army there will me more enemy tanks to take out.

Continue to follow the road to regroup.

Break the German line and reach the train station.

There will be a line of enemy tanks. Take out the towers from a distance then the tanks.

There is a total of 6 enemy tanks. Use your radar to locate them.

After taking out the last enemy tank drive around the enemy base and meet with Russian troops at the train.

Mission 9 - Ring of Steel

Regroup with your squad. Jump out of the train and follow your squad up the hill.

Work with your squad and Assault the German Forces.

Follow Reznov. Work with him and kill all enemys folling the friendly tanks.

Continue to follow Reznov through the town.

You will run into enemy fire. Post up behind the car and eliminate enemy forces in the house.

Turn to the left around the car, run across the street and meet back up with Reznov.

Help Reznov clear the enemys in the building ahead.

After clearing the building advance with Reznov into the building. Eliminate the Panzershreks and MGs to allow tanks to advance.

Once in the building stay on the bottem floor. Theres enemys in the windows. Take them all out.

When the building is clear work with your squad and advance through the office building.

Continue to follow your squad up the stairs to the second floor.

Continue to work with your squad and clear the building.

Follow your squad out of the building. Then a friendly tank will drive through a wall to let your squad advance.

Advance beyond the wall and work your way to the Asylum. Head to the right once you pass the wall.

Work through the enemys on the streets to continue towards the assylum.

There is a ton of enemys in the courtyard to the assylum aswell. Work with your squad to advance through them.

Watch for the gunner in the window.

When the courtyard is clear advance into the Assylum.

Continue to follow your squad.

Follow your squad up the stairs.

Work with your squad and clear the floor of enemys.

Jump on the machine gun in the window. Take out enemys on the other side of the building.

When all enemys are clear dismount and head to the right.

Clear all enemys on the rooftops.

When the rooftops are clear, continue to follow your squad back in the building.

Becareful! There will be a machine gunner right around the corner.

Continue to work with your squad and clear the buildings.

Follow your squad out to the streets and eliminate the retreating German squads.

Chase them. Kill all you can.

Chase them till there all dead.

Mission 10 - Eviction

Walk down the hallway.

Follow Reznov to regroup with your squad.

Follow your squad out of the room.

Continue to follow your squad out side then back in the building.

Follow your squad down the stairs.

Be stealthy and wait for the signal to attack the enemy soldiers.

When given the signal clear the room.

When the room is clear continue on.

Follow your squad.

At the end of this hallway turn left. There will be enemy fire as soon as you turn the corner.

Clear the hallway then continue on with your squad.

Head down the stairs.

At the bottem of the stairs you will come to another room with enemys in it. Clear the room.

When the room is clear your squad will advance follow them.

You will come to an opening. Clear the enemys on the other side of the room.

When the room is clear follow your squad down stairs.

Follow Reznov down the hallway.

Continue to advance with your squad down the stairs.

The next hallway down the stairs is very smokey. The lower you go the better your sight will be.

Head down the hall then go to the left.

Then make another quick left. There is alot of enemys in the room. Clear the room.

Continue to advance with your squad. Kill all enemys on the way.

Follow your squad out onto the streets. Travel South.

Beware the streets are flooded with enemy soldiers.

Work your way down to the street. Use the tanks as a shield to make your way through the enemys.

New objective is to kill the wounded Germans.

Head over to the handrail and look down towards the Metro. You will see the wounded Germans there.

Throw a molotov grenade down there and kill them.

Follow your squad down into the Metro.

Follow your squad and fight through the Metro.

Take your time going through the Metro. Its hard to see some enemys.

Continue to fight through the metro. You will come to a barricade. To the left of the barricade is a room. Go through the room to get around the barricade.

When you exit the room. There will be enemys inside a train car. Clear the enemys in the train.

Make your way into the train.

Slowly work your way up the train and kill any enemys you can find on either side of the train.

Exit the back of the train.

Continue through the next train.

Regroup with your squad. Hide behind something a ton of enemys are about to rush you.

Clear the enemys.

Mission 11 - Black Cats

This Mission is very self explanatory. You are a gunner in an airplane. Just shoot down enemy air planes and ships.
Occasionally you must press "x" to switch turrets in the plane. Here are a few screen shoots through the mission.

Mission 12 - Blowtorch and Corkscrew

Your objective is to Assault Wana Ridge.

Head up the hill with your squad.

Up the hill Japanese enemys will jump up from bunkers.

Continue up the mountain to the southwest killing any enemys on the way.

Up the hill there will be an enemy gunner. Throw smoke grenades to allow safe passage up to the enemy gunner.

Just below the gunner on the right there is a door. Go through the door.

Through the door will take you inside a cave. Run through the caves clearing all enemys.

Once you go through the caves you will come to an opening. There will be a supply box with sachel charges on it. Make sure you have 3.

Eliminate the three 200mm guns. There each located in bunkers. Throw sachel charges in the bunkers and blow them up. Use the radar to locate all 3 bunkers.

Throw a sachel charge into the first bunker. Then blow it up.

Between enemy bunkers you will run into enemy fire.

At the second bunker. There will be another supply of sachel charges. Load back up and make sure you have three again.

Destroy the second bunker with sachel charge.

On the way to the third bunker there will be enemys in a tower shooting down at you take them out.

Blow up the last bunker.

Head around the last bunker to the left and meet with Sarge. Around the bunker and up the hill you will come to another bunker. Thats where you meet Sarge.

Sarge will kick down the door to get into the bunker.

Follow the tank up the road.

The tank will blow up. Continue around it and locate the mortar crew.

Take out the gunner in the window.

Use your radar. Head to the SouthWest. To the star on the radar.

Over the hill there will be a camp. Use your flamethrower and blow the 2 trucks up.

Enter the bunker behind the trucks. Secure the bunker.

Continue to work through the bunker. Killing all enemys.

In the back of the bunker there is a ladder to go up a level. Go up the ladder and continue to work through the bunker.

Clear the level then head to the back of the room and go up the next ladder.

Clear the third floor.

On the third floor in the back is another ladder. Go up the ladder. As soon as you get up the ladder there will be a few enemys hiding behind the sand bags. take them out.

Mission 13 - Breaking Point

Follow your squad to the supply drop to get ammo.

As soon as you pick up a gun. Enemys will fire at you. Kill the enemys.

Follow your squad to cover.

Jump into the bunker. Work your way through the bunker. Kill all enemys.

Run down the hallway in the bunker

As soon as you turn the corner to the left there will be a few enemys. Be ready to fire.

Clear the room and continue through the bunker.

Go up the ladder.

A squad member will throw a sachel charge and blow the bunker up.

New Objective is to Assault Shuri Castle. Work your way with your squad up to the tower.

Continue to kill enemys working your way up through the tower.

Head up the through the tower and make a right turn.

Kill all enemys ahead. There will be enemys on top of the building and on the bottem floor through the window.

Head into the building to the right.

Kill the visable enemys then jump through the window and go into the next building.

When you go in the building at make a left turn there will be enemys in the hall way shooting out of the building take them out.

Then continue through the building.

Head up the stairs. Then to the right. meet up with your squad.

Use your radar and locate and the 4 mortar crews and take them out.

There are random piles of Mortar shells that you can pick up and throw.

Throw a mortar shell at the building.

Continue up the stairs to take out the third and fourth mortar crew.

Take out the gunner in the window and continue towards the building to the last mortar crew.

Go up the stairs to the building

Up the stairs at the building sgt. Roebuck will kick the door open. Then follow him and clear the building.

Work your way with your squad through the courtyard and up to the building to the east.

When clear head up to the doors of the building and enter.

Walk through the building and jump on the machine gun and take all the enemys out in the yard.

After the yard is clear continue throught the building clearing all enemys in it with your squad.

Stay with your squad and go down the stairs with them. clear all enemys that are underground.

You will come to an opening. Shoot the red barrels they will explode and help clear the room faster.

Continue through the bunkers.

Clear the opening with your squad.

Follow your squad into the next opening there will be a stair case with enemys on it clear the enemys then head up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs head out the door and into the courtyard.

Defend the area. Enemys will come out of where the smoke grenades are.

Call in an airstrike on the building to the North. After it blows up continue to defend the area.

After the first airstrike blows the first building up. You will have to send three airstrikes to the building to the east. While waiting between airstrikes keep the area as clear as possible.

Mission 14 - Heart of the Reich

Regroup with your squad by the tank.

Follow your squad through the streets.

Kill the enemys that are shooting at you from behind the wall.

Walk around the wall and into the hotel. Work with your squad.

As soon as you go into the hotel clear the enemys to the right. Then exit the building behind of the enemys.

Exit the first building right into the next one.

Walk down the hallway into the room to the right. Clear the room.

Jump out the window looking to the north.

Follow your squad.

Your squad will lead you into another building. Meet with the other squad on the other side of the building.

Destroy the Flak 88's. Use your radar to locate them. On each one you can plant explosives.

Clear enemys around the guns before you plant explosives to lower the risk of dieing.

On each gun theres a glowing box where you plant the explosives. When you get close enough all you have to do is press and hold x.

Continue to head West and head towards the Reichstag(The big building).

Clear all the enemys around the stairways and up by the pillars of the building. Then head up the stairs and into the Reichstag.

Once up the stairs and all enemys are cleared a pillar will fall from the building and clear a path for you to enter the Reichstag.

Follow Roznov.

Mission 15 - Downfall

Follow Reznov down the hallway.

Storm the Reichstag.

Continue to follow Reznov into the first room. Head into the room and to the left.

Clear the room of enemys.

Continue to work with your squad to clear the enemys. Then head up the stairs.

Up the stairs then go to the left and exit the room with your squad.

Continue to follow your squad into the next room.

As soon as you enter the next room. Climb to the balcony and give support.

When you enter the room turn right. Theres a sniper leaning agianst the wall at the bottem of the stairs. Head upstairs,

Clear the enemys on the South side of the rooms balcony.

When the the balcony is clear head back down stairs and help your squad clear the bottem floor.

When the room is clear head up the stairs and go to the left.

Meet your squad by the double doors. They will break into the room to continue.

Follow Reznov through the hallway.

Head up the stairs and to the right.

Clear the enemys on the balcony.

Continue around the balcony to the other side of the room.

Follow your squad through the hallways.

Head up the stairs then go to the left.

Work your way through enemys. Head to the East side of the room.

When exiting the building. Your squad member holding the Russian flag will get shot.

Retrieve the flag. Then head towards the flag pole with the Nazi flag up. Pull down that flag and replace it with the Russian flag.