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Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough Chapter 1: Nightmare

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Welcome to Silent Hill Homecoming.

The game starts with a doctor pushing you through a dark and creepy hospital. He will leave you in a surgery room and then be killed upon leaving the room.

Repeatedly hit the X button to get out of the gurney.

Press R1 to access your item inventory. Press the square button to turn on your flashlight. Then continue through the double doors.

Go through another set of double doors to your right and you will arrive at a boy behind a jail door. You need to type an access code into the security keypad to open the door.

Walk through the single door to the right of the security keypad. You will enter a room that has some x-rays up on a lighted board. The x-ray in the center of the board is ripped in half. It has numbers on it that represent the access code you need to open the jail door. We need the other half to complete the access code.

On the opposite side of the room you will find a map of the hospital hung on the wall. Take this map. You may view the map with the triangle button. When viewing the map you can press the square button to see your current objectives.

Go through the door next to where the map was found. You will be in a long hall. All the doors are locked or inaccessable, expect for the door to room 203. Enter room 203. You will see that the big window between room 203 and 204 is broken. Hop through this window.

On a table you will find a combat manual. Hanging on the wall you will find the other half of the x-ray. Take these and hop back over to room 203. There is a health drink found on a desk in this room.

Return to the Nurse Center and use the L1 button in front of the x-ray on the wall. Then select the other half of the x-ray in your inventory using the control stick to combine the two x-ray pieces. Your access code will be completed.

Return to the security keypad and type in your security code, which should be 624872. The jail door will unlock.

Go through the jail door and the boy, Josh, will run away.

In the center of the room you will find a child's drawing of some bunnies. Pick this up. You will get a new objective to follow Joshua.

Follow Josh into the men's restroom. Continue into Storage. You will find a symbol on the wall. These represent save locations. Stand in front of the symbol and press X to save.

Continue to the women's restroom. You will find a knife stuck in the mirror.

Take the knife. The room changes to a hellish version of itself and a nurse exits a locked stall and attacks you with a scalpel. This battle is very easy. Just hold L2 and repeatedly press X to stab her with your knife.

After the nurse is defeated, you will find there is a crawl space in the stall she came out of. Squeeze through it and you will be back in the men's room.

Pick up the First Aid kit on the wall and exit through the door next to it.

You will now be back in the room where Joshua was, but it is different. There are cell doors where they weren't before. Take the door on your left and then continue up the stairs to the third floor.

The first thing you will come to is a large window that you can break. Bust open the window and hop over into the Day Room.

Defeat the two nurses you find here. Then you will find a door made out of some kind of flesh. Cut the door by repeatedly pressing X. It will rip open and then you can squeeze through it. You will find a save point here.

Go through the door to the hall and head right toward the Linen Room. A swarm of large bugs will attack you. Enter the Linen Room. As bugs land on you shake them off using the O button. When you do this the game will occasionally ask you to repeatedly press a different button to throw the bug to the ground and smash it. Do this until all the bugs have been destroyed. You will find a Health Drink on one of the shelves here.

Take the door in the NE corner of the room, next to where the Health Drink was found. South you will find a picture of Joshua's Robbie the Rabbit doll on a gurney. Go North, into the Operation Theatre. Go down a set of stairs, then drop down when it tells you to.

Defeat the three nurses that attack you here. You will see the double doors are chained shut and require a key. Head East by cutting through the flesh door.

On the wall you will find another Child's Drawings you can take.

Head up the stairs. At the top you will find half of a body, holding a key. Take the key. Head back to the chained door and use the key to open it.