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Space Marine Walkthrough Chapter 6 Lair of Giants

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We've reached Chapter 6.

You are going to have to go a long ways before you find more orcs to kill. So go ahead and go through the door.

Eventually you will find some gretchen on top of a couple pipes to take out.

In the same area an orc will open a pipe and other orcs will start jumping out of it. Shoot the one holding the pipe open to stop the flow of orcs.

Next there will be a couple shooters on top of another pipe. Take them down. It will be prett easy to take them out with your pistol.

And those were the last orcs you will see until after you reach Inquistor Drogan.

Go through the nearby green buttoned door. In the next room you will get a cutscene with the boss orc.

Yep there he is.

You'll be rushed by some grunts. Not reall large groups of them just enough to wet your whisle. There will also be a couple chainsword orcs thrown into the mix. You can use a bit of ammo here if you are full up, because there are three or four reloading boxes laying in this area.

I think there were two waves of grunts and chain sword orcs. With at most 2 chain sworders thrown into each grunt group. All in all, just minor cannon fodder thrown at you.

As you move forward you will find a machine gun orc, and another wave of grunts and chain sword orcs.

I looks like quite a few of them, but honestly there is just one wave here. They die quickly.

When all the orcs are cleaned up, proceed through the door with the green button.

There is an upgrade to your pistol in the next room. You now have the plasma pistol. It does way more damage than your previous pistol.

When you get back on the walkway above the weapon pod, an orc summoner will summon some new orcs for you to fight. These guys are have an axe and a shield. They are pretty tough. It's easist to take them out when one of your squad is fighting them. You can also shoot them if they are not runnig straight at you.

As I said easier if someone else is fighting them.

Grenades do wonders for them as well, since you can hit them from the other side of the shield with a well timed grenade.

"They also are not impossible to hand to hand. A combo/stun will turn them around. Then you will be able to get a couple swings into them while they reposition.

After they are dead make your way to the elevator and press, yep you guessed it, the green button.

Well you've made it to the last battle in this chapter.

You'll see the boss orc and the summoner appear. You can't kill the summoner here. Trust me I've tried.

The summoner will summon two Nobs to fight you. Hopefully you've got a fury saved up. If you do, then use your fury and kill these two Nobs. If you don't, well good luck to you. Perhaps grenading them or empting clips into them as they charge you will help. Doubtful.

With your fury running these guys are really easy to kill.

After your fury runs out, melee the gretchen and other orcs around to build up your fury again.

Eventually a couple shielded orcs will be summoned into the fight. Take the first one out. Hopefully your fury will come back and then you can use a second one to help you take these guys out.

When both of the shielded orcs are gone, run over to the console and press circle to trigger the servator.

The Orc Boss will blow up the arm that was supposed to pick up the device.

After the arm blows up wait for a bit, and then walk over to the power source and press circle to pick it up.

You'll get lit up light a christmas tree, and this chapter will end.