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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough Jakarta, Indonesia

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Once again, the mission begins with Coen. After your chat, drop to the roof on the left. It's important to note that if you are going for the no-kills approach that you should hold onto your flash bang and smoke grenades until instructed to use them. Rappel down the building from this position.

Shimmy along this ledge, drop to the street, then mantle over the brick wall to avoid the light on the left. Climb the indicated pipe.

Follow the roof to the far left corner where you'll find another pipe.

Descend the pipe, patiently waiting for the guards below to all have their backs to you. Proceed right.

Pause here while the guard relieves himself, then shoot out the spotlight when the guards have moved on (inset). Climb the indicated ladder, now dark.

Climb a second ladder to this position. Reach the far-right corner of the rooftop, staying behind the dormer to avoid light from the window.

Jump up to grab this zip line. Ride it to the rooftop across the street.

Shoot out this light before entering the doorway.

A bit of a running start will help you grab this pole. Descend to the floor below.

Slip out the back door and overhear the guards warn of lightning. You will be briefly visible when lightning flashes, and blinded if using night vision. (Note that a first aid kit is available out the front exit.)

Speed is essential, as you are sure to be spotted during a lightning flash the longer you remain in the open. Hide behind the satellite van and use sticky shockers against the two guards on patrol. Hide their bodies indoors, away from the lightning.

Avoid the road on the right, as it is guarded by a turret. Instead, follow the road straight then climb the fence here where the top is smooth.

Three guards patrol the area. Shoot out this light as well as the light upper-left. Sticky shocker the guard seen right.

Your objective is a ladder leading down to the sewers, illuminated by this van's headlight. Here I sticky shocker the second guard before shooting out the van's headlight, but I actually found it better to shoot out the headlight first.

Out of sticky shockers, I then used a ring airfoil/elbow combo on the third and final guard before hiding the bodies near the van and descending into the sewers. If you can make it to this ladder without knocking out all three guards -- congratulations, you're a better player than I.

Head right then wait here for the guard to approach, turn around then head back before proceeding. This next step is much easier if you can knock him out -- I rushed him then elbowed him twice.

Farther along is this next doorway under surveillance. Shoot out the camera and the only other guard investigates. This is a good spot to wait in ambush.

Make sure both bodies are hidden in darkness. Pass under the camera then head right to climb this ladder.

A sniper is stationed on a guard tower in the center of the courtyard, and search lights scan the area. Note how the satellite dish casts a convenient shadow for you to hide in. Turn in the direction of the arrow and activate your thermal vision.

You're also in a mine field. (Clearly, this isn't your typical television station.) Turn off your thermal vision and wait for the search lights to leave the area, then switch thermal vision back on and navigate around the mines to reach the shadow of the next satellite dish ahead.

Repeat to get to the shadow of this third dish. Once here, your next objective isn't the fourth dish ahead, but rather the dark corner extreme far-right. It's difficult to time so you might want to save your game first, but if you stand up and make a running sprint (while avoiding the mines of course) you can make it undetected.

Now in this dark corner, you are once again safe as you were in the shadow of the three previous dishes. You've traveled in a counter-clockwise direction around the center guard tower. The distance would have been shorter to go clockwise, but the mine pattern is easier to navigate this way. Notice the gap in the barbed wire at the top of the fence ahead.

When the spot light moves away, climb over the fence where the wire is missing. Immediately take cover from the approaching spot lights.

Once the lights have moved away again pick the lock on this door. Use your optic cable before opening the door as a guard patrols the other side.

Knock out the guard and hide his body in the corner by the door. Whistle in the doorway seen here to lure a second guard into the room. Position yourself to grab him from behind as he approaches the light switch. Repeat on a third and final guard. First aid is on the left and two ring airfoil rounds are on the counter to the right. Proceed outside.

Grab the ledge ahead and pull yourself up to the roof. Head right.

Enter this nook then double-jump up, shift your weight left, then jump to this ledge on the right. Pull yourself onto the roof.

Shoot out this cracked glass, apparently damaged from the adjacent broken satellite dish.

Rappel off the base of the broken dish into the building.

A solitary guard patrols the lobby. Take him out or just shadow him to slip into one of the elevators ahead. Ride the lift up to load the next zone.

Head left off the elevator. Those double doors ahead are your immediate destination, but shoot out the neighboring lights first (after waiting for the guards to walk away).

You can proceed straight ahead to the upcoming auditorium, or take this more discreet path seen here. Double-jump between these columns, shift right, then jump onto the left column. Pull yourself up then crawl into the vent ahead.

You'll emerge here on the upper level of the auditorium rather than on the lower level where the guards are. Note the gap on the immediate right.

Drop through the gap, crouching before you drop to silent your footfall. Shoot out the light immediately ahead.

Sneak along the right wall then grab one of the patrols as he pauses in this position. Put his body under the light you just shot out. Continue through the curtain ahead, wary of the remaining two guards.

Slip backstage then exit through the door on the right.

Ingrid is in the rightmost room. Perform a back press and wait for the bad voice acting to end. The guard will walk right past you as he leaves. Do not enter the room, yet.

If you do, the guard behind that mirror would spot you. Enter that room first and easily grab the seated guard from behind. Hide his body in a dark corner then return and speak with Ingrid.

You now need to follow Ingrid as she leads you to Sadono. Shoot out the security camera on the other side of this door before proceeding (inset).

Don't worry about keeping pace -- Ingrid is waiting behind the glass partition ahead. Hang back and shoot out lights as guards move clear. Deactivate this turret before continuing down the hallway.

Shoot out this neon sign to your left to provide cover from the guard ahead. Shoot out the lights over the doorway leading to Ingrid (inset). If the guard investigates, knock him out and hide his body under the now-dark sign.

Speak with Ingrid. She tells you to take the tunnel on the left while she takes the one on the right.

Don't take the advice. Ingrid's cover has been broken and the guards receive a phone call instructing them to kill her. If you've been following the walkthrough you should have two smoke grenades. Fire one at the two guards in the right tunnel.

Three more guards approach from the end of the hallway. Fire your second smoke grenade at them, then equip ring airfoil rounds to use in combination with elbow strikes on any guards left standing.

Hide the bodies in the dark tunnel then return to Ingrid, who opens the doors with the retinal scanner.

Talk to Ingrid again and she tells you to follow her, although in actuality she won't move past the elevators. Continue down this hall, shooting out this light and the "Cocktails" sign at the back, providing adequate cover to conceal you from the indestructible camera straight ahead.

Shoot out this neon square, which should attract one of the two guards ahead.

Wait in ambush for him here, grab him from behind, knock him out and place his body under the security camera.

Grab the second guard while he's looking out the window.

Climb the pipe at (1). Shimmy along the beam at (2). Enter the vent at (3).

You'll emerge here -- that's Sadono in the rasberry beret. Drop to the floor below.

Equip the flash bang grenade you've been saving and toss it into the center of the room.

Immediately turn around so you are not blinded when the flash goes off.

Turn back around and grab Sadono while everyone is still stunned. When they come around, keep Sadono's body between you and his men to discourage them from firing.

Take Sadono to the nearby retinal scanner on the right. Use it to open the doors to the scanner's left.

With Sadono as your body shield, drag him up this ramp to another scanner.

Use this second scanner while holding Sadono and the exit doors are unlocked.

Take Sadono to Ingrid to end the level.