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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough Jerusalem

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Talk to Coen to begin the level. Approach the stairs on the right and Lambert updates your goals.

Swing around the light as you work you way right, where a guard is patrolling.

Ignore the guard. Instead, turn left here.

Stay in the shadows to avoid detection by guards and civilians.

Be patient and you'll find this street to be fairly easy. No need to shoot out this light as long as you sneak through when no one is looking.

Similarly, there's no need to wait for the Hasidics to finish their conversation. Just stick to the shadows and you can sneak by undetected.

Scurry to the corner pipe when no one is watching.

Climb the pipe then use the adjacent pipe as a zip line.

Ride the zip line then drop to this ledge. Follow the ledge around the corner, safely unseen by the civilian in the window.

Once here, drop to the sign below, then to the ground.

You want to head to the far-right corner. Either wait for the guard to move away or toss the bottle to distract him.

Sneak to the stairs in the far-right corner then quickly rush down the stairs.

Saul is being robbed. Lethal force is now allowed, but you have to quickly elbow each of the robbers if you want to go non-lethal. (Approach, then left-mouse to elbow.) I'm elbowing the robber farthest from Saul in this shot, but actually found it preferable to elbow the robber closest to Saul first, as he will take Saul hostage if you aren't fast enough. If that happens, you'll have to kill the robber.

Talk to Saul and he'll give you the SC-20K, plus ring airfoil and sticky shocker rounds.

Talk to Saul some more and he'll lead you to an area where you can practice the new modifications. Stay stealthy as you follow Saul, as the mission ends in failure if you are detected.

Saul leads you to this overlook with an awesome view of Jerusalem.

Talk to Saul and learn how to use the sniper scope, including the important sniper tactic of breath holding.

A guard approaches. Move to this dark corner to find a sticky shocker and ring airfoil round. If you like, drop the guard with a sticky shocker as Saul suggests. Hide his body here in the dark. Return up the stairs, shooting the light above for cover.

Keep right, shadowing the guard and hugging the right wall to remain undetected.

A civilian woman is at the end of the lane. Shoot out these three lights to avoid being seen. Your sniper scope helps in targeting the farthest light.

Sneak past the woman then swing around the light ahead, continuing right.

Pause for the guards to finish talking, then continue right.

Shoot out this sign I have targeted, plus the indicated street light to the right.

There are several ways to proceed here. The most direct is to just continue down the street, timing your advance so that the guards don't see you. You can also climb onto the ledge ahead, or continue around the alley on the right where you can still reach the ledge or continue around to the street ahead.

If you chose the ledge, continue forward to find a zip line which you can ride to this position. You'll grab hold of the building ledge which you can use to shimmy around the corner.

You can then drop to the awning below, then to the street. The darkened sign above the awning is the one you shot out a moment ago.

Turn left here at the end of the street. You can either shoot out the lights for cover or just wait until the patrols are facing away.

Climb the pole on your right.

Mantle onto this ledge.

Be sure to turn off your night vision. The graphics are quite beautiful up here.

Grab the zip line and ride it across.

Rappel down this wall to load the next zone.

Talk to Dahlia through the fence. After the conversation is over she opens the gate to your left.

Follow Dahlia. Shoot out the indicated lights to provide cover from the two civilians and two cops.

Duck into the alley on the right while Dahlia diverts the policeman.

Two cops patrol this area, but if you keep their backs to you and advance down the indicated path you'll be fine.

Use the SWAT maneuver to get past these praying civilians undetected.

Shoot out these lights before following Dahlia into the next block.

Don't take the stairs as Dahlia does. Instead, drop below to their left as seen here.

Here is your next challenge. Two guards patrol this lane, but if you wait patiently there is a brief window of opportunity when both their backs are turned away from the lighted area ahead. Continue to the right.

This servant of the people insists on escorting Dahlia home. She rewards him with a knockout kick.

Speak to Dahlia. She suggests a way of getting to the roofs.

Sneak down this tunnel on your right. Give the guard a good head start before entering. Follow to an alley far-left, where another guard is to be avoided.

Find this pipe and climb it to the open window.

Two civilians are in the next room watching TV. Sneak past them and out the open window across the room.

Climb this pipe to the rooftop.

Rappel down the wall quickly while Dahlia has the guard's attention. A second guard will arrive shortly -- make sure you are out of the light before he arrives. If you've set off an alarm then Dahlia won't be distracting the cop.

Talk to Dahlia in the alley if you like. Follow her then swing left as she diverts yet another officer. Open the gate on the left then scurry through before the officer turns around.

Follow Dahlia through the doorway on the left after entering the doorway on the right, where you'll find a sticky shocker and ring airfoil round on a crate. (At the top of the stairs you'll also find 5.72mm ammo on a window ledge.)

Talk to Dahlia then enter the lift. Talk to her again and she refuses to come inside just as Lambert orders you to -- kill her! You have just a moment to shoot through the fence.

As always, the choice is yours. If you choose to let Dahlia live, this is the response Fisher gives.

Ready your SC-20K as the lift descends. If you've been following the walkthrough, you should have three sticky shockers available - just enough for the three guards who attack once the lift stops. (Stick around a few moments for the third.) Alternately, airfoils and elbows do the job non-lethally, too.

Hide the bodies in the dark then quietly descend these stairs. Hug the left wall for darkness.

Two guards patrol the immediate area. They're easily sniped if you're so inclined. I was unable to grab these guys from behind but I have four airfoil rings remaining. My approach is to airfoil the second guard while the first is behind the stairs. Quickly approach and elbow him before the other guard returns.

Repeat on the other guard. Be quiet, a third guard patrols to the left.

Hide the bodies under the stairs, just like mamma always told you.

Keeping the third guard's back to you, proceed left as indicated.

Two guards are inside the cage. Step out of the tunnel then walk right a few steps. Whistle to lure this one out of the cage. Drop him with the airfoil/elbow combo. Repeat on the other guard, but this time step left before whistling.

This third guard patrols the perimeter, but is easily nabbed from behind once you lure him with a whistle.

It's now safe to enter the cage. Heal at the first aid kit on the wall and grab the supplies from the table, including 5.56 ammo, frag, flash bang and chaff grenades, 3 ring airfoil rings, and 1 sticky shocker.

Enter this tunnel, then take the first right.

A single guard patrols the area. An airfoil/elbow combo is my choice.

Enter the bright room and grab this object - the ND133.

Return through the previous tunnel. Shoot out the indicated light which lures this guard toward you. Wait for him to pass then sneak right.

Your destination is a small lift behind the arrow. Whistle to move the guard out of position, then scurry into the lift.

Once off the lift, shoot out these three lights.

Note the two snipers on the balcony above, Dahlia on the right (inset). There are two more snipers, one on a balcony to the left and one in a window to the right for a total of four. If you killed Dahlia, the snipers aren't there - jump ahead.

Counter-sniping the snipers is pretty easy, and for those going non-lethal this ending isn't bad at all providing you don't mind running to the exit. Turn right, staying in the shadows. Get as far right as you can without being seen by the snipers.

Once the snipers spot you, sprint far-right to the indicated alley to initiate a conversation with Lambert and end the level.

If you didn't kill Dahlia, you'll be met by four policemen upon exiting the lift, and the level is stealth-only from here on. Your first cop is easy to nab from behind. After he's down, enter the indicated shadow.

From here, you can lure the others one-by-one then grab them from behind. There are a total of four cops, but I was consistently able to finish the level by grabbing only three.

Either way, the exit is the same. Enter the alley to talk to Lambert and end the level.