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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough Paris-Nice, France

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Ignore the roof access on the first car. Instead, drop between the cars here then enter the second car.

Wait here while the porter patrols. Lambert asserts that it is unknown whether Soth is a US agent or a terrorist. Fisher's unlikely response is seen here. At least Lambert calls him a hippie.

Grab the porter when he comes close, then interrogate him to learn that Soth is in room 18. Knock him out and place his body in the dark corner. He drops an uninteresting data stick.

Drop through the trap door here.

Crawl along the underside of the train to the next trap door. The sound of the rushing train and the shaking camera are very effective.

Use your optic cable to spot a guard above. Wait for him to leave before pulling yourself back up.

Shoot out the ceiling light before opening the door. Curiously, this panel unlocks doors that aren't used for anything.

Keep left then open this door and choose "Climb Out."

You're back outside. Shimmy along the ledge and hang on tight when another train whizzes by.

Patiently wait for this guy to turn around and have a seat.

Next, wait for this woman to lean back and take a nap. Wait for the guards in the next window to get comfortable then continue past.

Now you can open the next door and climb back in.

In the next corridor Sam concludes that Soth's prosthetic right leg should appear different with thermal vision. Wait for the porter to apologize for not having ear plugs before moving past the room ahead.

Sneak down the corridor, viewing each room's occupant with your thermal vision.

Use the SWAT maneuver to sneak past this guy.

Once at room 18, your thermal vision plus optic cable shows you this image. Clearly, the right prosthetic leg is cooler than the left normal leg. Just as the porter said, enter room 18 to find Soth.

Approach Soth. Choose "Talk to" to wake him up and initiate a conversation. Soon, guards come to the door and Soth exits the room.

Fisher and Lambert catch Soth in a lie. Your objectives are updated: hack the laptop and laser-mic Soth's phone call.

A timer counts down. Exit the room and rush to the right. You can move quickly until you get to this car. Stealthily enter the galley on the right.

Stay crouched. Equip your laser mic and aim it at Soth in the corner. Record the entire phone call.

Time for extraction. You need to make it to the front car. You can sneak past this guard fairly easily, or knock him out for a data stick with some background if you prefer.

Speed is your friend now. Rush to this ladder on the right and climb it to open the trap door in the ceiling.

The Osprey is engaged in combat with a helicopter. Rush toward the Osprey and it lowers a rope.

Grab hold of the rope to be whisked into the Osprey just as it destroys the chopper. Great way to end a short but memorable level.