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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough Komodo, Indonesia

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Move right. Keep right of the turret ahead. You can disable the IFF or shut down the turret if you wish, but it's not a problem to sneak past it.

Activate your thermal vision and disable this tripwire mine.

Proceed to this fence, where a guard patrols. Shoot out this light when he isn't nearby. Enter the narrow gap between the fence and the building ahead.

Split-jump then shift your body right so that you are in this position. Avoid the light ahead.

Wait until the guards aren't looking, then jump to the beam and shimmy to the right. Pull yourself through the opening above.

Drop to the other side then exit through the door on the right. Note the well-lit door on the left, which is a more direct approach but will likely get you spotted by the guards.

Sneak past the guards on the left, and avoid taking the water path under the hut at (1), as a dog in the hut will spot you. The hut at (2) is also to be avoided due to the light (The only thing inside is a sleeping guard.) Instead, follow the shadows down the middle (arrow).

Enter the narrow passage (arrow).

Perform a split-jump then pull yourself through this opening on the right.

Drop below and slip out the indicated crawlspace. If you take out the guard watching TV you'll receive a data stick with some background.

Pause while the guard finishes his target shooting. He'll have a seat far-left. Swing left and stay in the shadows as you approach the hut straight ahead. Sneak past the guard then disable the turret guarding the entrance to the hut.

Activate your thermal vision. Jump over or duck under the moving lasers then descend the ladder (inset).

Call the lift and ride it down.

Exit the lift and switch off the light from this position. A guard investigates from the corridor seen left. Knock him out and place his body in the dark corner by the lift. First aid is behind the door seen right.

Proceed down the corridor and through the doors ahead. Grab the guard visible through the window and place his body by the lift with the other guard.

Grab the technician and force him to use the computer. Watch through the window to see the sub rise out of the water. Force the tech to use the computer again to allay the fears of the sub's crew.

Knock out the tech and put his body with the others.

Use the door at the end of this neighboring corridor to load the next zone.

Climb the stairs and turn off the light with the indicated switch before opening the door. A guard patrols on the other side.

Head right, pressing your back against this dark wall as the guard passes. Scurry the length of the catwalk.

Shoot out this light then use the switch to your left before getting on the lift.

Timing on this next bit is tricky so be sure to do a save-game first. As soon as the lift moves away from the catwalk, walk off the lift as seen here.

If you walk slowly off the edge you should drop onto this zip line. Follow it to its end then drop to a second zip line. Pace your advance to avoid the flashlights. If you had stayed on the lift you would surely have come under fire.

Drop to the catwalk then mantle onto it. Follow the walkway ahead/left, avoiding the guard.

Descend into the submarine.

Walk a short distance to another ladder and descend to this walkway, where you'll find an easily-grabbed guard.

Slip through another door to the crew quarters then down this hatch.

Beware this guard. Lure him over with a whistle then take him down with a ring airfoil round/elbow combination. Hide his body under the dark counter on the right.

Continue through another door, then do a back-press next to the door ahead with the circular window.

Check your notes to see that the colonel is the only one able to enter the SISSIXS room. As luck would have it, here he comes. Grab him but don't knock him out - yet.

Take the colonel down the corridor to this retinal scanner. The door to your immediate left will open. Before entering, knock out the colonel and put his body under the dark counter with the other guard.

Two guards are inside. Wait for one to leave for a drink then slip to this alcove in the far-right corner. Use the computer to update your objectives.

Leave the room the way you came then continue through a hatch on the right. Ascend two ladders to exit the submarine.

Take the gangway to your left, whistling to get the attention of this guard on the stairs ahead. Drop him with a sticky shocker before descending the stairs. Grenades and ammo are on the crate next to the first aid station.

Four guards spawn on the dock and fire at you on your way down the stairs. The easy way to deal with them is to shoot the explosive barrels Half-Life 2 style. My non-lethal preference is to knock them out with smoke grenades, aiming high to reach the two guards in the back.

Follow the dock to this ladder. Descend to the boat below and finish the level.