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Tomb Raider Walkthrough Coastal Forest

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Once you gain control of Lara go forward and follow the path on the right side of the mountain.

You'll find a cliff at the end of the path, but there's a tree that has fallen down that links the edges together. Use the tree as a makeshift bridge to cross the gap.

Now keep walking forward and jump towards the other side. Quick tip: Whenever you see anything white, like white ledges or white paint on a wall, they're always interactable in some way. For example white ledges means that Lara can grab it.

After jumping towards the ledge, follow the path and you'll see a fallen airplane that stretches between the cliffs.

Head up to the plane and jump towards the cockpit. You'll be able to make the jump as long as you use the fallen parts to get to it.

After jumping Lara will lose her balance and you'll be given a short tutorial on "grab" which essentially will be used whenever Lara loses her grip on a ledge. Press E in order to get her to grab the ledge.

Now make your way up the cockpit. Press up and jump in order to jump up towards the next ledge.

Keep climbing until you have nowhere to climb up on, then shimmy over to the left side and continue climbing towards the right wing of the plane.

There's going to be a gap between the climbable parts of the plane's wing. You'll have to press right, then jump in order to reach it. Lara will of course lose her grip. Press E so you don't fall down.

Follow the narrow path on the side of the mountain after falling down from the plane. You'll end up with a dead end and a tutorial for climbing walls. Use that knowledge to climb the wall with white paint.

After climbing the wall you'll find a small campsite. Lara will grab some items and you can head out again.

On the opposite side of where you jumped down from to get to the campsite you'll see a white ledge. Jump towards it and Lara will fall down.

Once you finish rolling down the cliff you'll end up at a path. Keep going forward and Lara will automatically crouch down and enter the small path on the mountain side.

Keep walking forward and a short cutscene will play.

After the cutscene head down the path and you'll see a deer running about. Follow it and it will lead you to a more open area.

You'll find a dead body hanging near a bunker. You need that corpse's bow. So head over to the left side of the bunker and climb on top of it.

Jump over to the next platform and use the fallen tree as a bridge to get near the hanging body.

Wait for the corpse to swing close and when it does press right to make Lara reach out and grab the bow. Make sure to pick up some arrows after acquiring the bow.

Now follow the stream down and you'll see some deer running around the area. Draw your bow with the right mouse button and hold the left mouse button to pull the string. If you need to zoom in press Z. Try to aim for the head but if you can't shooting the deer's body will also kill it.

Approach the deer after you kill it and Lara will automatically kill it and take some meat. You'll also earn some

After obtaining some meat from the deer you'll need to press Q. A diamond marker will appear and you need to follow it to get back to camp.

Now back at camp you should have 1 skill point to distribute. You can technically choose whichever you want but I would recommend taking Advanced Salvaging first.

After the cutscene head back to the stream inside the forest (where you hunted the deers). When you get there you'll notice that the bunker which was previously closed is now wide open.

Inside the tunnel Lara will grab the torch and you'll be forced to go down the tunnel. Press shift to start climbing down. The tunnel is linear just follow the path until you reach the exit.

After exiting the tunnel you'll end up in a small room. Immediately after arriving look to your left and you'll see a barricade. Burn it with your torch.

Inside you'll find a pry axe, use it to open the door that's on your right side.

There's a box on top of the table with an artifact inside, grab it then open the orange case to salvage some materials. After doing that use the pry axe to open the metal door on the opposite side of the whole you came in through.

Follow the tunnel again and you'll end up at a dead end. Look to the right side and you'll notice a broken ladder. Approach it, then jump to reach the ladder. Start climbing up.

When you get to the top keep walking down the path and up the stairs and you'll hear some people talking. Approach them and a cutscene will start.

After the cutscene Lara will notice that both Sam and Mathias is gone. She'll also get caught in a bear trap and attacked by wolves.

Ready your bow and hold down the left mouse button to make Lara pull the string as hard as she can. When you start to hear some growling nearby start looking around. A wolf will come out from the bushes and attack you, shoot it with your bow. 3 wolves will come out all in all.

"After the rest of the crew saves Lara the group will split up into 2. Lara and Whitman will meet up with Roth and the rest will look for Sam.

Once you get to the bridge ready your bow. You'll be attacked by a pack of wolves and you'll also be given a dodge tutorial.

Kill the wolves with your bow. Remember that wolves will always attack in groups of 3, although I have encountered wolves that are only a pair.

After you kill the wolves continue walking forward towards the hill. Just follow the lanterns and you'll eventually reach Whitman.

After the cutscene you'll need to start salvaging crates to make a better pry axe. The first crate is to the Southwest of the door that you're trying to open.

There's a second box to the southeast end of the bridge (the one where the wolves attacked you) it's near the stream beside a broken tree.

There's another one on the southeast side of the second box. It's near a fallen tree.

"Head back to camp and you'll see a ripe mesh. Light up your torch on the sconce and use it to burn the mesh. A crate will appear when it burns. There are actually a lot of crates in the area but these are generally the easiest to find.

"Now head back to where Whitman is. If you're having a hard time getting back to him after all the exploring you did then press Q and follow the marker.

After reinforcing the pry axe you can now use it to open the large metal boxes. They give a lot of salvage materials. There's one right behind the camp near where Whitman is.

And if you're up for going back again, there's another metal crate near the campsite where you met up with Sam and Mathias.

Now head back to Whitman and use the pry axe to open the gate. Mash E until it opens.