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Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Walkthrough Mission 17: The Gates of Hell

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This mission can be pretty straight forward and easy, and like the last one it can be cheesed a LOT.

Start off by dropping a marine in this possition with your barracks.

While the marine is building grab the reinforcements that drop down next to your base, to the right.

North of them there are some resource pickups.

After the marine has finished building, there are some resource pickups over here...

And a few more to the right.

After all that scouring, build 2 factories, a tech lab on your barracks and 4 ghost academies with a nuke each.

You're going to want to drop 4 ghosts at this possition, and cloak them immediately.

While the ghosts are building, try to get to 100 supply. Best way to do it is to build vultures as they cost 75 minerals and are 2 supply.

After reaching a 100 supply, your mission objective will change to killing 3 nydus cannals.

Use the 4 ghosts to nuke each cannal twice, like this. After the nukes have landed, the worms will be left on 1 hp, the ghosts can finish them off at that point. After killing them, the mission will end.