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Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Walkthrough Mission 18: Shatter The Sky

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This one is pretty straight forward, and no ghost tricks.

You have to destroy 5 generators that explode the whole platform when it happens.

You can destroy the first one with the forces you start with. Even on brutal, just try to not lose anything.

Try to get around 6 barracks, 3 with tech labs and 3 with reactors.

After the platform explodes, you get some mineral/gas pickups.

You will want to start building a marine/marauder/medic army.

When you have a few units, you should move out and start attacking.

The base to the left has only 2 hydralisks and a spore crawler that can attack air units, but you can avoid the spore crawler by going a bit north, which means that you'll be able to go through it just with the 2 banshees and the battlecruiser.

After destroying either generator, a miniboss will spawn, showed on the minimap.

Also, be careful to not lose your base while attacking the enemy one, i almost managed to do it but i was able to reflect their attack with a few medics and marauders.

The final generator is the hardest to get to, but is still not that hard. Try to dodge the miniboss so you never fight against him and go straight for the zerg base.

Destroying the final generator will finish the mission.