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Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Walkthrough Mission 19: All-in

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This mission is a pain. My strategy revolves around siege tanks and the 5% attack speed upgrade from the protoss research, so start getting the vehicle attack upgrade ASAP.

First build 5-6 factories, you will want to mass produce those tanks.

After that, make a few barracks (i made around 5-6) with reactors.

Just for some early defense, also build 3 more bunkers and 2 perdition turrets at each entrance to your base.

For the early game, you will want those 3 banshees to snipe every nydus worm you see.

Your strategy is to have a lot of tanks in this spot. They will be able to shoot at anything that enters your base from here. Also build a bunch of marines, they will be useful against Kerrigan.

You will want to use energy nova when the artifact is at 44%. It will destroy all those overlords coming into your base and most of the nearby nydus worms.

You can and probably should build a bunch of turrets/bunkers everywhere.

Also, if your banshees aren't dead by now, they will not be too important in stopping the nydus worms, as the siege ball will be able to decimate eveyrhting that comes near your base.

After surviving for 20-30s minutes you will complete the mission. Congratulations! You beat Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty!