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Steamworld Dig Intro

The game begins with a brief intro video as you arrive in town.

Shortly after the video, you meet Dorothy and the game begins.

Dorothy tells you to find your Uncle, so head left.

Press X to jump over the gaps and continue left.

When you find your Uncle, press Up on the D Pad to interact.

It's from your Uncle that you obtain your first weapon and tool ...

... the old Pickaxe.

Use Circle to dig and make yourself a path back the way you came.

Head back to Dorothy and press Up on the D Pad again to talk.

Your next objective is to find the switch to leave this area.

Continue to dig down towards the red dot shown on your mini map.

As a general rule in Steamworld Dig, it's best to dig straight lines where possible, sticking to the sides when possible.

Continue downwards towards the switch.

Press Up to interact with the switch and open the area exit.

Climb back up using the wall jump ...

... repeatedly pressing X and aiming towards the wall.

Head back up the way you came, and exit the area.

Press Up to climb the ladder ...

... and welcome to Tumbleton.

Chat to Dorothy again.

Head back down the ladder to begin your mining career.

Aim for any loot you see as you dig downwards.

Continue finding loot until the game tells you to sell it.

Head back up and sell your loot to Dorothy.

Levelling up in Steamworld Dig is based on the amount of loot you sell, so always maximise loot pickups.

You'll now have unlocked the Sharp Pickaxe upgrade.

Speak to Cranky - he deals with the upgrade in Steamworld.

Purchase the Sharp Pickaxe upgrade.

Head back to talk to Dorothy.

New objective - Explore Cave.

Dig downwards towards the cave, marked on your mini map.

Head back up to Dorothy whenever your pouch becomes full.

You should shortly level up and unlock the Lamp.

A useful upgrade is to buy a bigger pouch when possible so you can carry more loot on each run.

Mines - Cave One

Head left, dig through and move away allowing the block above to drop - letting you through.

Continue left jumping along the weak ground that gives way when you walk on it. If you do drop through, use the wall jump to escape the pit.

Continuing left, the second pit has spike traps in, continue jumping to avoid falling below.

When you reach the leftmost wall, dig downwards.

Enter the machine to unlock the Speed Boots.

Head right - use Square and across to run, speeding over the weak ground.

New objective: Return to Town.

Continue to move upwards.

Run towards a wall and press X to perform a running jump.

Running jump into the right hand wall, and wall jump upwards.

Run jump again to the left to find some Orbs - used to buy certain upgrades.

Then head down to the exit ...

... and leave Cave One.

Continue to find loot ...

... before returning to Dorothy.

Then talk to Cranky to progress.

If you've found enough loot - upgrade the pickaxe to dig faster.

New objective: Explore (another) Cave.

Head downwards towards the next map marker.

You'll probably need to return when your pouch is full to sell loot and upgrade again.

Just before you reach the second cave, you'll find a teleporter you can use for a quick return to town.

Even if you're not ready to sell your loot yet, use the teleporter to active the teleportation pod in the town.

Head back and continue downwards to Cave Two.

Mines - Cave Two

Begin in Cave Two by heading left.

Climb around to the left and up.

Dash across the weak ground towards the right.

When you reach the arrow pointing down, dash across and find some more orbs.

Then drop down into the water pool below.

Head left, killing the worm type enemies and using the high route.

On the lower route there are some gems to loot - avoiding the turtle enemy should be easy as it's slow.

Continue left and unlock the Steam Jump.

Head back across the way you came, continue right until the game prompts you to Steam Jump.

Steam Jumps require water - water pools will now fill up your new water gauge.

Head left until the game prompts another Steam Jump which will break the weak ground above.

Continue to use Steam Jumps to advance upwards.

Continue upwards and left.

Head back down and exit Cave Two.

Return to town and speak to Lola ...

... before continuing to mine downwards.

At Level 5 you will unlock the Teleporter to buy.

Purchase any Pickaxe upgrades you can afford to help speed things up.

Just above the next map marker, you'll find a mini cave.

Mines - Mini Cave

Head either left or right and climb up the ladders - both ways are the same.

Tunnel underneath the block pyramid, leaving a layer to keep things in place.

Go back along, making sure there's only one piece of ground holding each big block in place.

Head from one side to the other, taking out the individual blocks and moving to avoid the falling blocks.

Once all four have been destroyed, the pyramid will fall.

Allow the turtle from the top to move downwards.

Head up the block pyramid.

Steam Jump at the peak ...

... and find some loot and orbs.

Then head down to leave the mini cave and down again to find Cave Three.

Mines - Cave Three

Head left and dig downwards.

Continue left and use the platforms to climb upwards ...

... dealing with any enemies on the way.

When you reach the top, hit switch number 1 of 3 for this cave.

Head back the way you came, downwards and then to the right.

Stock up on water as you move across.

Head downwards and to the left, tunnelling under the turtle enemies.

When you reach the end, hit switch number 2 ...

... then use the higher route for a shortcut back to the beginning of the cave.

Head to the right, and down the ladder.

Tunnel under the big block and allow it to drop.

Move across, dropping into the water pool below.

Head right, then steam jump to knock the second large block down.

Head left again, tunnel through to the ladder and back around.

Move past the second block you dropped with the steam jump.

Hit switch number 3, then head back to the 3 newly opened gates.

Move through the gates ...

... then wall or steam jump upwards.

Move across to the right ...

... then jump into the center of the pyramid ...

... which will give way and allow you to drop ...

... unlocking the drill.

New objective: Explore the depths.

Use the drill to tunnel back to the cave exit.

Head back to town if you need to sell loot ...

... reaching level 6 will unlock the Deep Tank ...

... and the Plate Armour.

It's now worth buying and carrying a teleporter whenever you visit town to speed up travel back into town between caves.

Continue mining downwards and selling loot ...

... reaching level 7 unlocks the Pressurizer ...

... and the Damaging Pickaxe.

Mine downwards until you find the entrance to Old World.

Old World

New objective: Return to town.

You can interact with the pipe here to quick return to town.

Talk to Cranky and Dorothy again ...

... to get your next objective: Explore Old World.

Useful tip: There's a great source of water that can be frequently used to top up right near the pipe back to Old World.

Keep going down to around 208m depth and find a small cave.

Old World - Small Cave

Burrow around the large blocks as pictured ...

... if you make a mistake, leave the cave then come back in and start again.

Continue to burrow as shown ...

Leave one block below the leftmost block of the final two ...

... as you move down the final block.

Take out the support for block 3, and run back beneath block 4.

Move block 4 down one more space, then head backwards to block 1.

Perch on the edge as pictured, take out one of the support block under big block 1.

Take out the final small block under big block 1.

All blocks should be aligned now, letting you through ...

... to collect some more orbs.

Leave the small cave ...

... continuing down again, watching out for the TNT traps that will explode causing you large damage.

At 235m depth you will find Old World's first cave.

Old World - Cave One

Head right as soon as you enter the cave ...

... disturb the enemy, allowing him to throw the dynamite at you ...

... then run back to the entrance and wait for the TNT to blow.

Drop down into the water pool below.

Head left, jumping the gaps to avoid the spike traps ...

... using the TNT barrels as platforms, but moving quickly ...

... then hit the switch at the end.

Dig down and move down the ladder ...

... avoiding enemies and TNT barrels ...

... climb up the ladder at the end.

Dig upwards, and head through the newly opened gate.

Dig down through the block, then move to the right.

Instead of fighting the enemy, head to the platform above ...

... then drill out the support beneath the large block ...

... allowing it to drop and kill the enemy for you.

Climb the gap that the large block fell from for some orbs.

... the Dynamite.

New objective: Continue exploring.

Dig down towards the TNT barrel ...

... then drop some dynamite using Triangle and run back ...

... BOOM! ...

... collect the orbs as your reward.

Head upwards, using the ladder ...

... then use dynamite to blow the TNT barrel stack.

Head for the cave exit.

Levelling up to Level 8 expands the town unlocking Biff, who offers new upgrades.

Continue on down, looting as you go.

The best way to take out any bottle throwers you pass is using dynamite.

Watch out for pools of the green acid - this causes you damage!

At around 267m deep and more centrally, you'll find a mini cave.

Old World - Mini Cave

The trick here is to move across and upwards quickly after the dripping acid has cleared some of the way for you.

The drips will also cause you damage if they hit you, but only a small amount.

Head over to the left, then wall climb up the wall to advance.

Then repeat the process again, this time heading right.

There are some orbs on the left hand side ...

... and a guage refilling power up at the top.

Slide back down, exit and continue your journey downwards.

When you sell loot, reaching Level 9 will unlock the Gigantic Pouch ...

... and the Water Seal. Upgrade what you can afford and continue digging downwards.

At about 335m deep and centrally again, you will find cave number two.

Old World - Cave Two

Grab the power up and head left, digging down to access the ladder.

Dash and jump where needed to pass the weak blocks, heading right.

Climb up the ladder at the end, dealing with any problematic enemies.

Climb the ladder to the right upwards.

Steam jump to access the orbs overhead.

Head left and before the acid pools, steam jump or wall jump up the gap overhead.

Head right, take out the enemy with dynamite ...

... to find a secret area and more orbs.

Continue right, drop down and use the gap to access some valuable loot, before heading back to the acid pools.

Jump over the two acid pools, drill in towards the TNT to your left and use dynamite to wipe out the enemy above.

Steam jump upwards and around to the right.

Drill through to drop the ladder, then climb up and drill upwards to get through.

Take out the boxes on the right hand side ...

... then wall jump upwards and around to the left.

Unlock your next power up.

New objective: Continue Exploring (Keep digging down!).

Continue downwards, looting as you go ...

... and keep upgrading whatever you can afford.

Continue down to around 307m deep and find Cave Three.

Old World - Cave Three

Dig left to find a secret area ...

... and hit the switch inside.

Waiting before dropping on the right hand side causes the enemies to fight, taking each other out!

Continue to the right, avoiding the many enemies where possible.

Head right across the springs, avoiding the bouncing enemy.

Use the springs to move upwards, towards the left.

Move across the platform you reach and drop off the left end to another platform.

Steam jump upwards.

Take out the enemy and drill or blow your way through ...

... to your new power, Fall Dampening.

New objective: Explore the Depths.

Drill down to the left of the machine to leave the area.

Reaching Level 10 by selling loot unlocks the Huge Tank ...

... and the Hard Armor.

Continue your journey downwards ...

... until there's nothing left to drill ...

... and then fall ...

... for quite a while ...

... to reach the Depths!

Entering the Depths

Starting with the furthest right pillar, dig into the entrance and loot the valuable inside.

Continue through and up the second pillar, again looting on the way.

Find the entrance to get inside the furthest left pillar next ...

... follow the route round until you reach a door to the Depths.


New objective: Return to Town. Head instantly right, dodging the laser and use the tube to return to town.

Speak to Dorothy again.

New objective: Explore Vectron.

Continue, as ever, to dig downwards.

Watch out for the partial blocks like the one above your character in this screen - they regenerate shortly after you dig through. It's best not to go through any of these when building downwards, as you probably won't be able to come back through them - go around where possible.

Continue downwards as normal. Magnets work in a similar way to the heavier blocks previously although they can go up as well as down and also side to side. The direction is made clear by the way it is facing.

You will reach a point where you can progress no further due to a laser beam - head central to cave one.

Vectron - Cave One

In the cave, head to the left avoiding the suicide robots.

Wall jump up the wall on the far left hand side.

Head up through the maze, towards the top left hand side.

Move to the right through the partial blocks, avoiding the laser beams. Sticking to the lowest route is the most effective.

Hop out on the right hand side and collect your next upgrade ...

... the Mineral Detector.

Continue right, again avoiding the enemy.

Climb up to the right and dig through downwards.

There's a laser maze to get trhough now, head right ...

... steam jump upwards ...

... jump over to the left ...

... drop down ...

... then drop between the two lasers ...

... head right and destroy the fan owering the lasers.

New objective: Continue exploring.

Head back to the exit and leave the cave.

The lasers that blocked your downward progress previously are now gone, so continue on downwards.

There's plenty to loot in Vectron - keep returning to town to sell, level up and upgrade whatever you can afford.

Continue down to around 688m depth to reach Cave Two.

Vectron - Cave Two

In the cave, drop to the left then jump back up ...

... allowing the magnet to move without killing you.

Continue more left until you see the second large magnet ...

... run back again to the entrance as the magnets begin to move.

Take the low route and dig under the laser to progress to the left.

Watch out for the acid pits.

Steam jump upwards as pictured ...

... to find a handy water source if you need a top up.

Continue left, jumping past the laser beam and dropping to the left.

Head right for your next upgrade ...

... the Static Dash (also known as a double jump)!

Steam jump ...

... then Static Dash (double tap X) ...

... then wall jump to climb back up.

Head to right past the entrance to the cave.

Running jump, then Static Dash past the lasers then climb up and to the left, killing enemies as required.

Watch out for the laser ...

... speaking of which - the Static Dash lets you destroy lasers. Use this whenever possible.

Head left, then climb up and bear right.

Static Dash the laser and collect the power pick up.

Steam jump again ...

... Static Dash ...

... then wall jump again to climb up.

Destroy the fan and exit the cave.

New objective: Continue exploring.

Continue looting, levelling up and heading down.

At level 13 the town will expand, welcoming Dandy with more upgrade options.

At about 778m deep, you will find another mini cave.

Vectron - Mini Cave

Drill into each of the laser ends, which will temporarily turn them off, then continue right.

Drill from underneath into each laser again, climbing carefully upwards.

Drill through the metal and into the next area.

Quickly drill into each laser from top to bottom ...

... then quickly drop before they re-activate.

Grab the orbs, then leave the cave.

Continue downwards until it's impossible to go further - earning the "Rock Bottom" trophy.

Continue towards the center and back up to ...

... around 850m deep, in a central position.

New objective: Return to town.

Talk to Dorothy, get new objective: Destroy Generator.

Use the ladder from town to go back to the original mines.

Move down towards the target to the first cave you visited.

Mines - Cave One (Again)

Head to the far left hand side.

Wall jump up, and use the platforms to cross over to the right ...

Steam jump ...

... then Static Dash to get to higher ground ...

... and enter the door.

Head right, taking out the turtle and finding the secret area shown ...

... then Steam jump ...

... Static Dash again ...

... then quickly repeat to avoid the activating lasers.

Head into the small room on the left, killing the worms and destroying the laser ...

... then find the secret area. Steam jump into the block next to the magnet to give yourself a platform to move up to.

Enter the next area to destroy the next generator ...

... drill the block, allowing the magnets to move and providing another platform to drill the generator.

Then leave the caves, and head down toward Old World (again).

Keep going down a previously dug route until you reach Cave Three.

Old World - Cave Three (Again)

Head right, climbing the ladder next to the block with TNT on top.

Jump right to the next platform ...

... then steam jump and Static Dash again to get up to the next level.

The arrow on your mini map is actually made of a bunch of loot to grab and sell.

Continue left, using the springs and dodging any acid drips.

Drop dynamite next to the TNT barrel to clear yourself a path.


Head upwards to another door.

Head left and head downwards.

Head right past the acid pools and enemies.

Use the Steam jump / Static Dash combo again ...

... and continue right.

Use the Steam Punch to knock out the weak block before you drop down ...

... which blocks the laser off for you.

Dig around to the right and down.

The next area contains a lot of weak blocks that will break as soon as you touch them.

Head down and to the left.

Avoid or deal with any enemies in your path ...

... continuing left ...

... and then deal with the next generator.

Head up the ladder to exit the door, then leave the cave.

Drop down to 839m deep and find the door in a central position.

Vectron - Final Cave

Head right, avoiding any enemies - don't bother with loot or orbs, you can get those in a moment.

Head to the right most wall ...

... jump up ...

... then dig down to the final generator.

Drill it to kill it.

New Objective: Enter the Door.

Then head back to the door at 845m deep in a central position to "the door".

The Door (Final Showdown)

Grab as many upgrades as you can before you proceed ...

... and fill up your health and water.

Inside "the door" - drill each laser, from right to left ...

... and quickly sprint underneath to get past.

Steam jump then Static Dash to reach the high platform, avoiding the laser ...

... then drop off the right hand side of the platform.

Meet the final boss!

A cutscene / conversation will proceed ...

... as you prepare to face VoltBot.

The Final Battle

The final battle is in three stages, all of which are similar, but progressively get harder.

You need to take out the generators around the robot one by one - they will be in different locations each time.

Avoid the enemies along the bottom, killing them if needs be.

The bot will shine a thin light red laser as a target before it's full beam attack.

It's possible to perch at the edge of some of the generators (as pictured) and drill without the laser being able to hit you, use this technique wherever possible ...

... and keep on drilling!

When you take out all generators in a stage, the background will darken and the bot is exposed ...

... jump on top and drill into it's head until it's defence comes back online.

The second stage brings more generators, more enemies and a more offensive bot but continue using the techniques you have already.

Slow and steady is the best method. Use Steam Punch where it will help you reach a generator a short distance away.

Generators can be anywhere in the whole area around the bot.

If you die, the battle will begin from Stage One again.

Take out all the stage two generators, then attack when the bot is exposed again.

Stage three involves all of the attacks from the previous two stages ...

... but the bot is again quicker and more agressive.

A white laser beam indicates the bot will do a sweeping attack, if you see this move and take cover if possible to avoid taking damage.

Continue taking out the generators.

When the bot is exposed once more, drill down into it from above ...

... until the bot begins to blow up.

The screen will fade to white ...

... then you'll be back celebrating in town ...

... and you've finished Steamworld Dig. Congrautlations!

You'll then earn a trophy and see your ranking and game statistics.