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"The Story Begins

"Use W A S D to move out the door.

"Hold left mouse button and draw a square to make a box. Use this to balance the log so you can jump up to the mushroom.

"Click left mouse button to slash through the weeds.

"Hold W while bouncing on things to go higher.

"Push the cart and jump off it to hit the weed on the Water wheel.

"Scroll to the hammer and smash through the rocks.

"Shoot the rope to drop the rock. Hold the mouse button to shoot further.

"Press right click to shoot your grapple (wood surfaces only). Press space to detach.

"Grapple your way to the top of the tower.

"Forlorn Wilderness

"You can now change between characters with 1 2 and 3. Press TAB to access the skill tree. This guide expects you to prioritise getting 4 boxes and the plank. Later on in the story you will need Frost arrow and hammer throw.

"Push the log to roll down a bit, then use it as a platform.

"Shoot the vine holding the log on the far side so it drops. Use it to jump up.

"Tilt the logs so the water falls onto the sparkling bits on the ground to grow things.

"The Knight can smash through wooden barriers with his sword.

"Jump across the platforms and watch out for traps.

"Use the hammer (or rock) to smash your way down through the ground.

"Smash through the rock wall for some proper combat. The Knight is the best for melee, the Rouge can do decent damage from a distance, and the Mage is almost useless is most cases.

"Jump onto the wooden platform. It will go down and raise the other one. If you're quick enough you can jump right across, otherwise use the cube provided.

"Carefully jump over the poison spit. Balance the platform to jump up, watching out for the rock.

"Jump across the pressure platforms while dodging the rocks.

"More Goblins will jump you here. Eventually I'm going to get sick of warning you about Goblins, they happen a lot.

"Jump carefully over the spit and smash through the wall.

"Use the Knight's shield to make your way to the switch, then go back up to the checkpoint for a new path to open.

"Smash through the wood, and then a big Ball will chase you. Jump over the rocks and watch out for spikes.

"Time for Bubbles. Jump on one as it floats up, keep jumping while on it to go up faster.

"Move the logs so that the water gets to the sparkles.

"Free to log and set it rolling. Pull the lever and use the bubble and the log to jump onto the platform before it goes back down. More Goblins just ahead.

"Set the log rolling and use the thief to grapple across on it if you don't want to jump the spit. More Goblins ahead.

"Use the thief to grapple up top and continue.

"More jumping, hop across quickly so the platforms don't fall out. Also watch out for that log.

"Free the pipe and put it on the horizontal gust so it angles upwards. Ride this gust up.

"Giant Snake Boss. Get it to destroy the support platforms, or break them yourself. Hammer throw makes this breaking the platforms a synch.

"Mudwater Dale

"Progress forwards watching out for the Bee nests. Feel free to kill Goblins with them.

"Get up top and keep going forward, watching out for traps. There is some jumping to do in the next bit, and a big trap to watch out for.

"Oh look, more Goblins to fight.

"Pull the lever to open the door, then jam the cog up top with a stone box to keep it open.

"Get all the pipe pieces (including the one in the fire room) and use them to gust up to the platform.

"Kill the Goblins and jump over the wall.

"Jump inbetween the fire, roll the log up top near you, then grapple over the wall with it.

"Jump on the frog's tongue and walk across behind it. If you fail the first time, pull another fruit from the tree with the Mage.

"Oh, the horror! More Goblins!

"Jump across the pillars for an easy path forward.

"Use the pipes scattered throughout the pillar part to push the bubbles. Once you've set it all up, ride a bubble up.

"After fighting even more Goblins, use the pipes to burn the big Bee nest with fire, then pull the lever it was protecting.

"Mosslight Marsh

"Jump across the pressure platforms avoiding the spit. Don't fall down into the poisonous gas.

"Lift the box into the urchin and grapple across using it.

"Use a box to break the wood, then grapple over the wall.

"Jump across the pressure platforms and watch out for the trap swing. Then kill the Goblins.

"Jump down and hook the pipes together. Ride the gust up to the top.

"Quickly jump across these platforms, being somewhat mindful of the spit.

"Time your jump up to avoid the spikey thing, battle some goblins, then make the jump in the picture.

"Another quick watering puzzle. Use the box to help you in Single player.

"Giant Orc boss! I don't know an strategy for this boss, Juts keep jumping over him and hacking at him with the knight. Be sure to heal at the checkpoint if you're nearly dead. Once he's dead, pull the level to open the door.

"Move the feet of this thing slowly so you cross the river of gas safely.

"Petrified Tree

"When heated by fire, pots will make bubbles. Ride one up to continue.

"Time to start thinking with portals. Grab a switch to take control of a portal. Put the metal ball through the portal and onto the button.

"Oh noes, a new enemy! You'll be fighting these spiders for a while, but at least they're better than goblins.

"Connect the fire to the pot and ride a bubble up.

"Push the button and run along the top of the rotating platform.

"Use the portals to move the gust and then ride it up.

"Looks like I had spoken too soon, more goblin friends to hit.

"Shoot arrows through the crack to break the rope and let the box fall on the button.

"Time for FIRE! The Knight's shield blocks fire. Keep moving ahead to the portals.

"Move the portals so the fire burns the pot. Ride a bubble up.

"Move the stationary fire out of the way, and then time the moving one good so you can pull the lever.

"I've ran out of things to say about the goblins, so I'm just gonna stop warning you about non-new combat.

"Swing up too, then jump over, the pressure platforms.

"Create a box to land on, then jump down onto it.

"Use portals to stop the flame from bursting the bubbles, then ride on up.

"Get up top and pull the lever to open the door.

"Shadowed Halls

"Damn, time to fight a Dragon! This boss is pretty hard, first up, put a box on the button by its feet. And then you win. Turns out it was just a robot!

"Put the box on the spikey thing and grapple across the deadly pit.

"Remember when I told you to level up how many boxes you can spawn? I hope you did, because you should just spawn boxes on all the buttons. That is legitimately the only solutiob.

"Watch out for that red pot, it spawns nasty monsters! Disconnect the pipes from under it and climb upwards.

"Jump across the platforms with timing and pull the lever.

"More fire. Just jump across on the pipes.

"Jump over the balls and go up the stairs.

"Use the pipes to get the gust into the bottom portal and use it to glide upwards.

"Disable the red pot by getting under it and taking the pipes. Use those pipes to block of the fire above and progress.

"Stand on the platform and jump down the hole.

"Jump up the pressure platforms and move the portal so the spit pushes the button.

"Dodge the spit and put the box on the spike ball. Grapple up to the ledge.

"Jump up the Ferris wheel and pull the lever.

"Use the cube to jump across the pit, then portal jump onto the moving platform.

"Use planks and the portals to get across.

"Disable the red pots and pull the lever.

"Hushing Grove

"Shoot the blue pod for it to spit water. Carry that water to the sparkles.

"Smash through the wood, and get past the evil plant. Distract it with the lantern, but you need to refill it with fireflies each time.

"Grapple up to the ledge.

"Jump on the leaves while being mindful of the evil plant.

"Jump up further and smash through the wood.

"Another quick watering puzzle, nothing interesting.

"Use the lantern to get too and pull the lever.

"Block the fire spitters with cube and carefully jump across.

"Pull the lever and jam the gear with a box.

"Run through the minefield of evil plants, being careful to not get eaten.

"Pout the water onto the water wheel to open the door.

"Stack the logs up to get over.

"It's another Orc boss! This one is exactly the same as the first one, so do whatever you found works the first time.

"Pull that lever by that dead orc and make your way up and over.

"Get the water from the Blue thing onto the sparkly ground and use it to get over the evil plant.

"Mushroom Caves

"Break the wall with an explosive barrel or throwing hammer. Carry the water from the Blue orb down to the sparkly ground.

"Jump your way up on the Mushrooms and leaves to the next area.

"Use hammer throw to take out the rocks and jump across, then water the sparkly ground.

"Oh look, I lied, more Goblins.

"Lift the log up and use a plank to get the water into the sparkly ground.

"Put a box on the spikey ball from the roof and grapple across it up the slide hill.

"Jump on the mushroom and over the spitters.

"Jump across the leaves while avoiding more spit.

"Pout water onto the sparkly ground to grow the leaves. Jump up them and use the throwing hammer to free the boulder. Use the boulder as a hold and make a runway of planks like in the picture.

"Mushroom Murk

"Another simple water puzzle. Be sure to avoid that spider, by the way. Then jump over the new leaves to avoid our spider friend.

"Use a box to weigh this platform and get up.

"New enemy: Satan! Or Kratos. It's pretty much a Red Goblin, so whatever.

"Move the cart up top and use it as a grapple surface. Place some boxes and planks at the ledge you need to get to. From there, grapple the cart and lower yourself very low. Then take a big swing over and land on your plank.

"Some more water puzzles. Simply do the same as all the others then progress on.

"Searock Castle

"Now the Ice arrows come in handy. Shoot a fully charged one into water to make yourself a platform for a small amount of time.

"A new enemy: A Crab! But don't try and kill it, it's impossible. Just put something heavy on top of it so it can't move.

"Put something on the button then jump across the falling platforms.

"Put a box on the first button, then throw your hammer at the wall to free a rock. Put this on the button in the fire. Jump up the platforms and continue.

"Here's a proper look at the Satan/Kratos enemy because the first time we saw him, my picture wasn't that good. After killing everything, pull the lever.

"Jump down and jam the dears with something when the rotating platforms are lined up nicely.

"Now you simply need to jump onto this PERFECTLY SAFE looking piece of wood! Nothing bad could co-

"Oops, it was a trap. And now you're all wet. Sorry about that.

"Make your way safely across on that platform. The Knight's shield is perfect for avoiding the spit.

"Push the button to have a Boom Barrel drop down for you, then use that or your hammer throw to break the wall to the right. Then put a box or barrel in the spikes and jump across on the pipe before the fire destroys the box.

"Stand on the platform and pull the lever. No trap this time. I'm being serious.

"Ok ok, you may have fallen into the water again by my fault. Use Ice arrows to assist in getting out and going ahead.

"Break the wall up the top to free a rock. This accomplishes nothing at all. What you need to do is swim underwater to the right.

"When you come out, you'll be greeted by the KRAKEN. Jump across the platforms he waves around.

"Jump down and break the wall to flood the room with water. Parkour through spit and Platforms to the other side.

"Spikes and swinging axes, oh my! Time yourself, these axes insta kill.

"Time for a rollercoaster of breaking bridges, storms and Goblin combat!

"Make your way up around behind that goblin by the barrels. Blow him up and try pulling the lever. It seems they've jammed the gears, just like you have previously. Get up there and smash it, allowing the door to be opened.

"Drop down into the Pit of Spit. Make your way right and break the wood.

"UNLESS THE KRAKEN! Sadly, this is not a boss fight. Just jump across the platforms he's waving around and continue on.

"Did you learn your lesson from when the Goblin jammed the gears? No? Perfect, jam the gears here.

"Put a box on the platform to pull up another platform. Weigh down the thing the Blue Orb is trapped by, then free the water onto the sparkly ground.

"Over in the corner, there is a small platform. Stand on it and- Oop, it was ANOTHER trap! This time you land right into the King Goblin's chamber! Oh well, at least you aren't wet again.

"As far as I can tell, this is identical to an Orc boss battle. So jump all over the place and whack him.

"The crown has fallen and the Trine has returned. It breaks a wall for you, and now you jump down into the Laundry!

"Eldritch Passages

"Use the pipes and a plank to get up the ledge. Don't worry about out little spectator, he won't be trouble... for now.

"This green stuff doesn't look friendly. Make your way safely past the acid and then break the wall above with a throwing hammer and grapple up to it.

"Break the wall up top to free a rock box. Use that and some boxes to get across.

"Make your way across these platforms too.

"Pull the lever to switch the water to the other side. Use the water and some boxes to get up.

"Push the button to spawn an exploding barrel that will push down a platform. This will raise the platform you need, so push the button and be quick!

"Charge your way safely through the Spiders, Spikes and Slime to pull the lever at the top.

"Those goblins took that gear jamming to a whole new level! Now you need to fix the pipes for the lever you need to work.

"Use the log to grapple across.

"Parkour up, hit dat yellow eye, and keep going like nothing happened.

"Hit the eye again. and again.

"Icewarden Keep

"Jam the box onto the spikes and hang from it. When the goblin opens the door, jump him!

"Break the wall, swing across, hold down the platform, and shoot the blue orb.

"Ninja your way past this sharp things, you have too much swag to be killed by them.

"Break the roof and balance the arms so the globe is in the sunlight.

"Push the button, prep your throwing hammer, and drop down to break the wall. From there just pull the lever.

"Ride the platform across the lava and shield from the bad things.

"Use the portals and some planks to get the lava onto the ice wall.

"Rotate the Ferris wheel to lift the platform ahead and get up using it.

"Free the snowball and use it to advance.

"Ice orc boss battle time! It's just another orc battle, kill it just the same.

"The Final Chapter

"Welcome to the final chapter! and by final chapter, they mean pretty much just the final boss. Lift up the painting and make your way into the pit.

"Oh crud, it's the robot! But this time, it's the real deal! Prepare for a fight.

"Stand on the leaf to the right so the water goes onto the sparkly ground. This will grow a plant up to the checkpoint so you can heal. The button on the left makes a plant too, but other than getting a better hit at the dragon does very little. The Dragon can also burn these, so you'll be growing them a fair bit.

"As for the Dragon itself, it's health is in its Jewellery, the Golden pieces on his head. Jump from the leaves for a better hit at them. Throwing hammer can be a real lifesaver here, as you can hit him from the ground.

"The Dragon attacks by breathing fire and trying to bite you. When he gets lower health, explosive barrels and easy minion badies start spawning too.

"Destroy all the Jewellery, and the dragon is defeated! Give yourself a on the back as the dragon flies backwards into the very thin pillar holding up the evil lady. Enjoy the cutscene unfold, and if you have the DLC, start the new adventure in the Goblin Menance!