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Asus Router Port Forwarding Guides

How to forward ports on Asus routers

Asus, also known as ASUSTeK Computer Inc., has been around since 1989. They have a wide selection of routers to choose from, and are quite easy to configure with good performance quality. This has made them one of the leading producers of both wired and wireless routers.

Open Port on Asus Routers

Asus routers are generally pretty easy to configure, and their port forwarding section is the same. They usually refer to a port forward as a Server, which might be a bit confusing, but overall the Asus Routers have a lot of customization available to the user. There should be no problem forwarding ports to your computer or device with an Asus router.

If you cannot find your exact router in the list below, try following one of our Asus WL-566GM guides. That should get you an open port on pretty much any Asus router.

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