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Opening a Port for the Asus Router

Asus Routers

Asus is a Taiwanese multinational electronic company founded in 1989. According to ASUS the name originated from Pegasus,the winged horse of Greek mythology. Asus has an extensive selection of routers to choose from. Asus routers are fairly easy to configure with high performance qualities. This has made them one of the top manufacturers of wired and wireless routers.

Opening a Port on Asus Routers

Most Asus routers are easy to configure and the port forwarding sections are no different. Some of the router models do use the term "server" instead of port forward which can be a little confusing. Overall the Asus routers have a high amount of customization within the user interface. You shouldn't have any problem forwarding ports using an Asus router.

If you don't see your router model number in the list below, I recommend trying our Asus WL-566GM guide. Following this guide should help you open a port on just about any Asus router.