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Port Forward any Linksys Router

Create an Open Port on Linksys Routers

Founded in 1988, Linksys is a very popular router manufacturer. This is due to their dependability and speed. In 2003 Linksys was bought by Cisco, a leading manufacturer of core Internet hardware. Cisco gave the Linksys product line premium features along with superior performance. Then in 2013 Belkin purchased the Linksys brand. Belkin continues to offer Linksys routers through consumer electronic stores and Internet retailers. The development of Linksys through the years has turned it into one of the best router, firewall, WiFi, and switch devices on the market today.

Open Port on Linksys Routers

One of the best things about Linksys routers is that for the most part they use the same web interface. Once you have figured out how to use one of the Linksys routers, you probably got them all figured out. The Linksys router has a well-laid out Port Forwarding interface which allows you to forward a range ports for 10 different applications. If you own a Linksys router you shouldn't have any problem forwarding ports for your Xbox, PlayStation or pretty much any application you want on your computer. In most cases the Linksys routers do not have a hardware firewall. It's a good idea to set one up.

If you are unable to find your exact router in the directory below, try following the WRT54G instructions. Generally, the Linksys routers mimic the WRT54G in features and settings and you should be able to get an open port following that guide.